Come to Your Senses: Holiday Shopping at Stitch & Tickle and Vintage Garden

Come to Your Senses: Holiday Shopping at Stitch & Tickle and Vintage Garden

It feels like winter showed up at the doorstep an hour earlier than the time on the invitation. If you are not careful, the whole holiday season is going to catch you off guard. In order to float through the season gracefully, you need to get out and get on it. I suggest you enjoy your shopping rather than racing through over-heated, artificially lit, malls or scrolling blurry-eyed staring at late night online shops only to later end up with missed deliveries.

If you live near the city, you can get a shopping run done in 30 minutes if you have to. If you want, you can make a it a 1/2 day of shopping and get more done while also enjoying lunch or dinner with your friends or family.

SOWA may be full of art that goes on the wall and objets to make your room have a certain look, but two newcomers appeal to more of your senses than just sight. Stitch & Tickle has works in leather and shearling that will have you tickled pink. Next door, Vintage Garden awakens your senses with the scent of flowers, candles, soap, and living things even as the world around you slips into hibernation.

The studio and shop at Stitch & Tickle is a beautiful tasting menu of leather bags, cases, and accessories made by the artist on site as well as a collection of housewares by other artists. The scent of the leather, the buttery softness of clutches, purses and handbags, as well as the beautiful pieces carefully curated in the shop leave you feeling like you have just tasted the best of every course; you will leave fully satisfied and slightly giddy. Whether you are browsing or looking for a gift Stitch & Tickle is worth a visit.

Sophie Truong’s designs are just classic enough to make you want one of every style and yet each bag is a unique work of art. The softness of the leather and how it seems to fall into place with each hand cut and stitched piece makes you fall deeply in love with these bags.

Just as Stitch & Tickle is more than a studio and artist’s storefront, Vintage Garden is not just sourcing and selling flowers. Cristina Lupica’s Vintage Garden is a flower shop and home style boutique during the day. By night, the SOWA shop transforms into an event space and workshop.

The room is a beautiful blank canvas that can be set up for as few as 6 people for a terrarium class or as many of 50 for a soirée.

With Lupica’s eye for design and experience with all the little details that a great party deserves, Vintage Garden is a gift to both the attendees and hosts.

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