Thoughtful Bedside Minimalism (Sponsored)

From early childhood, my bedroom space has been kind of sacred. My bedroom was always the space that had everything in its place and exactly how I wanted it. It is the room I could retreat to into my own world and leave the “real world” at the door. Over time, that sacred space has escaped me. I have been sharing a room with another person for all of my adult life, and I am still figuring out how to get this shared space to feel right. I think that I finally figured it out with a little help from these finds from Wayfair mixed in with the bedroom essentials I have collected over time.

When we bought our bed and bedside tables, we went with a chunky dark wood to contrast with the soft blue walls and more dainty dresser in the room. Shortly after though, I began to regret the heavy dark wood that set a less than relaxing tone to my sleep zone. My husband, on the other hand loved the large bedside table and overall look. Our room is quite small and storage is at a minimum so having the right furniture makes a huge difference. We chose the bedside tables because of the extra storage they offer, and every drawer is put to use. I only recently discovered that the solution was not to get rid of everything and starting fresh, but rather to shift furniture a little and add just the right objects and pieces to create what I have been craving for a while now.

I left my husband’s bedside area as is, with the chunky two-drawer, matching, bedside table set. He loves having a broad surface to charge his phone and watch, write lists at the end of the day with the pen and paper from the drawer, and have easy access to his book and bedside lamp. Since I didn’t want to lose the storage that the bedside table offered, nor did I want to break up the set, I moved my matching bedside table between our windows as a sort of miniature dresser. I then had a blank new space to create the slight, minimal bedside area of my dreams.

At my bedside, I kept the look slightly industrial at the base with wood and metal so it would still go with the rest of the furniture. For the bedside table, I took a small hanging shelf that I had bought for the bathroom but never used and found the perfect enamel tray from Wayfair to turn the shelf into a delicate functional bedside table. The scale is smaller because this is usually meant to be a wall shelf. You can find similar shelving to this here and the nice thing about shelving is that it comes in a variety of widths to fit the space you have. To brighten the makeshift bedside table up and make my space exactly the size I needed, no less no more, I added a white enamel tray as the bedside table top to lighten things up a bit. Since space is limited, I made use of the wall and incorporated the side of my lingerie chest into the design as well. There are many fabulous peel and stick wallpapers that can easily be removed and swapped out on a whim. With wallpaper like this you can change the feel of a space or piece of furniture fairly easily. Using the wallpaper on my lingerie chest, broke up some of the solid wood in this space and allowed me to make it airy and light with a much more whimsical feel. I also love the simplicity of these wallpapers. I have a feeling I will be swapping this one out a few times over the years.

I have a vintage iron at the bottom shelf not only for decor but it also gives the bedside table stability. Another option would be to attach the shelf to the wall at this height but since we have old horsehair walls, we’ll do just about anything to avoid screwing into them. On the other two shelves I keep essentials that I don’t need on a daily basis, but that I want to have close by. The first wire basket holds a bath towel like this Turkish bath towel, which I like to lay on my pillow if I’m going to get in bed with wet hair. On top of the towel, I keep a lotion bar for my hands and a spot treatment for any blemishes I want to dry out overnight. I have dark wire baskets but I also love these white ones. I love the contrast of the wood and the cool white enamel. For my trash can I was looking for an enamel trash bin but on a very small scale because all it needs to catch is the occasional tissue or broken hair elastic. All the trash cans I could find were too big or not the right look, so I went with this canister set, and got a bonus canister as well to use elsewhere. The larger size without a lid works perfectly as a tiny trash bin.

I love the clean and simple aesthetic of this double decker round tray from Yamazaki’s accessories collection. I often sleep with my jewelry on, but occasionally the earring back pinches me, or I want to take off my rings because my hands are dry. If I’m having a rough day, I may leave a little chocolate square on the bottom tray for me to find later that evening. I’ll keep any face creams I am using at night nearby so that I can easily apply it before I fall asleep. This little ceramic Celtic vase that I got in college keeps some lip salve and a eucalyptus inhaler which I’ll often use right before bed. I also have a picture framed from our younger days just to remind me of simpler times.

To expand my space but still keep my bedside table clear, I found these jewelry storage shelves to use to hold all my bedtime essentials: a book, some hair elastics, a head scarf, a candle, a ceramic jewelry box and a water carafe. I love these Gracie Oaks wall mounted jewelry ledges for several reasons. As I mentioned before, the horsehair walls don’t love anything being attached to them, especially nothing heavy. These wall mounted jewelry shelves are extremely light, but they are sturdy enough to hold my book and a few other items. What I especially like is the bracket system that hangs under the shelf. I braid my hair at night so it doesn’t get all knotted and I end up with hair elastics all over the place if I’m not careful. These brackets are perfect for storing hair elastics and I can grab one before bed to put my hair back. I also keep a silk hair wrap on there because I wear a CPAP machine at night and I often like to tie a wrap around my hair to prevent the head gear from messing up my hair. On the opposite side of the bracket there is room for jewelry. In the summer, I may hang a few clippings of lavender from the garden.

For lighting, I found a rechargeable wireless light that I could install directly on the shelf. This type of lighting is kind of amazing and has made both my bedside area and closets so much more functional because they are lighter and brighter. Depending on what type of space you have and what wall shelving you choose to use, there are a variety of these types of lights to choose from. There are stick lights, puck lights, and bar lights among others. I recommend finding one that is wireless so you don’ t have to worry about a plug and cord. It is also helpful to pick a light that is rechargeable. That way you won’t have to keep going through batteries but rather just plug it into your computer or phone charger plug and you’ll be ready to go. The second set of shelves hold my carafe for water as well as a small lidded ceramic jewelry box.

Now it is time to talk textiles. Part of what makes a bedroom dreamy are the pillows and blankets. I like a lot of pillows. There is something about many pillows that feels luxurious. I need two pillows for sleeping and a few extra for those special moments when you’re just lounging and reading. The problem with extra pillows and linens is where to put them when you aren’t using them. I found this perfect little storage bench that is the right size for putting the extra pillows when not in use. As a bench it is a great little spot to sit on when you want to lotion your legs, paint your toes or put on your socks.

The last important textile is having something pillowy soft to step on when you are just about to hop into bed after a long day. I don’t like carpeting and love having wood floors, but just adding a small rug to your bedside just feels luxurious. A rug is a way to have a nice gentle start to your morning when you slide out of bed.

No room is complete without two things: art and flowers or plants. I love words as art. I have everything from felt pennants that say read in the playroom, to vintage French market labels written on shutter slats in the kitchen. This Room Service Please sign has never had a proper spot for a little while, my bedside area feels complete now that it hangs above my bedside. I definitely don’t have any sort of room service at home, but a girl can dream. On Wayfair, I found this piece that I fell in love with as well.

Need I say more? I think I’m going to have to add this one last item to my bedside area. Maybe my family will get the hint.

Finally, this simple way to tie the room all together and the perfect excuse for me to buy flowers year-round is this cute little vase set. The set contains three small ceramic vases: one for my bedside table, one for my husband’s bedside table and one for our shared dresser.

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