Satisfy for The Holidays

Satisfy for The Holidays

Satisfy, a new cookbook from seasoned Nutritionist Mona Dolgov, has over 120 simple tasty, gluten free dishes. We are not gluten free but we often host gluten free guests, and you don’t have to be gluten fee to enjoy these recipes. This Chanukah we even discovered that we prefer the gluten free version of our holiday latkes. I was recently sent Satisfy: Delicious, Healthy and Full-filling Meals for 500 Calories or Less for review. For the holidays we make plenty of rich, unctuous, comforting foods and just so we don’t feel horrid throughout it is a great idea to offset some of those meals with lighter fare.

I made these gluten free zucchini blueberry muffins, but I swapped out the blueberries for cranberries because they fit the season and fresh cranberries are on sale right now after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Maple sugar from Quebec.

I substituted sugar for maple sugar because we had just picked up some sweet maple sugar over Thanksgiving. This recipe uses non-dairy milk, but we only had cow’s milk so that is what I used. You can swap out and use any milk you like, ideally an unsweetened milk.

Just a few ingredients and two bowls needed.

The recipe is clearly written and easy to follow. Tips recommending that you grate zucchini over a paper towel is helpful as well. I used a clean kitchen towel to make sure the zucchini did not add too much moisture to the muffins.

I used my shallow muffin tin. The recipe calls for a 6 muffin tin, but I only have 12 muffin tins so I went for 12 medium sized muffins instead of 6 large ones. Thanks to the zucchini, they remain moist even with their smaller size and cook for the same amount of time. If using a 12 muffin tin, just add water to the 6 empty tins. I’m not sure why, but I think it is good for the tin and helps the muffins cook evenly.

Other recipes I will be making for the holidays is the overnight oats for guests to enjoy in the morning and the sweet potato hash bowl.

More recipes that I’m definitely adding into the dinner and lunch rotation in the new year are the Cuban Mojo meatball bowl and the very veggie quinoa bowl with fragrant roasting spice blend and balsamic glaze.

You can try out some of Dolgov’s recipes here.

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