Boston Becomes More Irish and Much More Talented with Riverdance in Town

Boston Becomes More Irish and Much More Talented with Riverdance in Town

Riverdance opened in Dublin, Ireland in 1995. It began as a celebration of Irish Dance and music and is now a celebration of so much more. Riverdance actually originated as an interval performance at the famed Eurovision Song Contest with a score composed by Bill Whelan and it was instantly clear that it would become much more than an intermission bit. A quarter century later, Riverdance has developed into a show celebrating Irish dance, world dances, and Grammy Award winning music. In addition, for this 25th anniversary run, the cast features, for the first time, children of original Riverdance cast members, Cian Porter and Faith Moore and Tik Tok stars Matthew and Michael Gardiner (@gardinerbrothers) and Morgan Bullock (@yourangleyuordevil),.

Riverdance is a dance and music performance. It is a Celtic celebration, but it is also a multicultural performance that brings the world closer together through brilliant duets, dance battles and “sessions”. The Irish dance is so intricate and powerful. The music is rich, festive and soulful. It is wonderful to see Spanish flamenco partnered with Irish Dance. I never knew a NYC street battle between tappers and Irish dancers could be so exciting. It is also refreshing to have live music on stage not only next to the dancers but as the stars of the show as well. This is a performance that musicians and dancers alike will be drawn to.

Every culture has dance and music and in Riverdance, poetry and song remind us of that common thread. One piece had the phrase “heartbeat of the world” and the show reminds us that, despite these divisive and difficult times, we all have more in common than that which divides us. Riverdance is filled with love notes to Ireland, from the scenery on screen to the pieces themselves, but it is a love letter to people for their liveliness, diversity, hard work, talent, and joy. It was a celebration among dancers, among musicians, among audience members and among the entire Wang Theatre.

Take your Irish step dancers to see the show, but also take your tappers, your stepper, your ballet dancers and your Bollywood dancers. This is a show for all dancers. Take your musicians too. Take your drummers, your clarinet players, your singers and your string players to see Riverdance. The musicians have costume changes and take center stage almost as often as the dancers.

Riverdance is at the Boch Center Wang Theatre in Boston through May 15th. Tickets can be purchased here or by calling (800) 982-ARTS (2787).

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