Should I Shouldn’t I Snax

I have passed these dozens of times at the store. I have laid my hand on a bag or two deciding whether or not to toss them into my grocery cart. Now that I have tasted them, I know I should have. Snax-Sational Brands Cookie Pop and Candy Pop are a treat worth having on hand for those summer movie nights, Netflix nights in, or just for a quick easy after dinner sweet bite.

Candy Pop SOUR PATCH KIDS® by Snax-Sational Brands. The tiny dots of candy add just enough fruitiness from the SOUR PATCH KIDS® Bitz.

I love a sweet and salty treat, but traditionally these snacks have always erred too far on the sweet side. As I see new trends and try new things I think snack companies are beginning to notice we like our snacks more balanced in taste. The popcorn in the Cookie Pop and Candy Pop popcorn keeps its classic airy crunch and isn’t coated in sweetness and then you have tiny pops of flavour from all your favourite candies and cookies.

Most of the time I like good food and trashy tv. Some of the time I like trashy food and good tv. So of course, I took notice when, Jonathan Cheban aka the Foodgod aka Kim Kardashian’s bff popped into the Summer Fancy Food Show (pun intended) for a taste of all his favourite flavours including Candy Pop Popcorn SOUR PATCH KIDS® (my personal favourite) and Cookie Popcorn Nutter Butter®. It’s not Foodgod moment without a selfie.

Foodgod poses with his favorite flavor Candy Pop Sour Patch Kids for a selfie while visiting the SNAX-Sational Brands Booth at the Summer Fancy Foods Show in NYC showcasing Cookie Pop and Candy Pop popcorn. Photo Credit – / Michael Simon

After you find your favourite flavours of Cookie Pop and Candy Pop Popcorn this summer, you can look forward to new seasonal ones for the winter holiday: Cookie Pop Popcorn Iced Gingerbread and Candy Pop Popcorn Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

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