Sip Sip Hooray:  Gift Guide For When You Wet Your Whistle

Sip Sip Hooray: Gift Guide For When You Wet Your Whistle

Sip, sip, hooray! Sips and gifts for the holidays.

Finding the right gift is an art and if you don’t overthink it, it can be done without frustration. Here are a few perfect gifts to pick up in town or order online in time for the holidays.

Cocktails & Mocktails

Creatively-themed cocktails and mocktails is the one item that your Harry Potter fan is missing. I love how The Unofficial Hogwarts Cocktail Book is organized by places, people and such. The book takes classic cocktails and gives them a twist without going too crazy and creates a few new ones. I have been having a lot of fun making the Milky Way ice cubes. I already have plans to use the book for Chanukah and New Year’s Eve.

Speaking of mocktails, you cannot celebrate anything or host a party without offering a few different types of drinks. We live in a time where everybody can enjoy a drink and celebrate but it doesn’t have to include alcohol. We party in a way that everyone can be themselves and that includes choosing to drink as they like for whatever reason they like (no need to ask). You can find plenty of mocktails online as well as some in The Unofficial Hogwarts Cocktail Book. Whether you use it for a celebratory mimosa or just want it chilled for a holiday toast, Le Petit Béret has a beautiful Non-Alcoholic sparkling Blanc de Blanc.


The Mason:Re silicone jar sleeves come in four sizes to fit 4oz, 8oz, 12oz & 16oz. Lids come in regular and wide mouth.

It used to be just the country sweet tea crowd and the crunchy granola crew that drank out of Mason Jars but the popularity of the simple Mason Jar has soared. Options to accessorize and claim them as drinking vessels has expanded to everyone and anyone. I love what Mason:Re has done for the jars. Not only do they look cute (and just wait until the Cricut universe discovers them) but they protect the glass from any tips or falls and this time of year they let you easily hold hot drinks. Mason:Re now also offer travel lids. The lids are perfect for families because you know you have to run off to hockey practice and the kids don’t have time to finish their hot cocoa. Who am I kidding, we are all rushing about, kids or not, so twist a lid on it and you’re good to go.

Throw in a few extra mini marshmallows, twist on the lids, and rush out the door

I grew up with a hobbyist potter for a father so our house was always filled with pottery he made and other pieces from local potters and friends. Pottery is another thing that has made a comeback. With so many local artists, and styles there is something for everyone’s hot toddy, hot chocolate and even chilled cocktail. Drinking from pottery is a whole other experience. Check out these local potters, pottery shops and pop ups.

  • The Holiday Market at Snowport has drinks to enjoy and all sorts of artisans including potters
  • Boston’s most beloved potter (you’ll find his wares in many local restaurants) Ogusky Ceramics makes beautiful white speckled glasses and more.
  • Inman Holiday Market is coming up and it is one of my favourites for the holidays. They will have ceramics, toys, jewelry, fiber arts and more.
  • Carmi Clay has super cute cups and mugs. I was introduced to them this weekend at Hi Rise Bread Co’s Holiday Market and I’m officially obsessed.

Bottle Service

Pick up a bottle of wine, a six pack of seasonal beers, a bottle of fine whiskey or a a growler of local beer because sometimes that is exactly the right gift. When it comes to wine I get easily overwhelmed so I like to shop Hi Rise Bread Co’s carefully curated selection because its always good and never stressful (plus baked goods and delicious soups, salads and sandwiches if you need a holiday shopping pause). For a larger selection, individual assistance and expertise, head over to Formaggio Kitchen for wine, beer and more. For beer my go to is always the Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont but I also love to go directly to the source and get a growler from local spots like Lamplighter, Jack’s Abbey, Night Shift, Notch Brewing, Mighty Squirrel, Cambridge Brewing Co. or the always festive Lost Shoe, and further afield Bright Ideas Brewing.

There are also some great small wine shops worth checking out like Bonde, The Urban Grape, and Violette Wine Cellars

For non-alcoholic options Formaggio Kitchen shares some of their non-alcoholic favourites here. Check out the many offerings that Le Petit Béret has and ask your local wine shop what they have to offer.

So there you have it! Shop on and then pour yourself a celebratory sip to enjoy as you wrap your gifts.

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