Intel Brings A Little Bit of Everything at PAX East

Intel Brings A Little Bit of Everything at PAX East

Throughout PAX East Intel’s main stage was full of events, people and programming. From PC and keyboard builds, to giveaways, this stage had it all. Whether you are interested in the stage or just looking for a place to sit, the stage was a great place to take a break from the floor. At Intel’s stage you could check out the top of the line computers that were made with each step in the process explained to those who might have no idea what is going on. Each of the PCs built featured a character in Street Fighter Six, the latest entry in the popular fighting game series that is set to release this coming June, the game being a large part of the rest of the intel booth.

Speaking of Street Fighter, adjacent to the stage was their street fighter play area where attendees could play against each other in the fighting game. This was one of the most popular areas of the Intel booth, with a line wrapping the corner with people eager to try out the new game. Throughout the day professionals would also play with an audience member, all the games being displayed on a large monitor above the players.

The booth had plenty of other activities and things to look at, like this beautiful wall mounted PC showcasing Intel’s new GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) series called ARC, relatively new competition to NVIDIA and AMD, the two leading brands in graphics cards. In the mood for some dancing? Just turn the corner and you would reach their Dance Dance Revolution arcade machine if you feel the need to bust out some moves. Or maybe visit the famous pin trading station where you give a pin to get an PAX exclusive one while yours is put on a wall where it will be displayed at upcoming PAX events, the 2022 one shown here.

Overall the Intel booth had so much to offer this PAX and it feels like more is added every year. If you are a first time PAX-goer or a frequent attendee I recommend visiting their booth to see the unique and creative offerings. With giveaways, claw machines, pin trading, and many other activities it is always an adventure exploring the Intel booth, so try it out yourself.

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