Boston Calling: Within Walking Distance

Boston Calling: Within Walking Distance

Boston Calling has it all. the music, the drinks from zero proof and up, and plenty of good local food as well. Some of you will want to completely immerse yourself in every moment. Others will want to take a break from the people, the elements, the scene or even the sound for a bit. Here are a few of my favourite spots to go whether you want a coffee and some quiet or a full meal.

Boston Calling in action. Between your favourite sets plan ahead for a drink or bite to eat. Photo: D. Klein

On Site

Online you can find all the dining options and sort by dietary choices and restrictions as well as locations. On site, at Boston Calling you will find this fabulous collection of local dining options:

A cocktail at the bar at Sloane’s a stone’s throw from Boston Calling

Nearby Away from Harvard Sq

You can’t get much closer than Sloane’s. Sloane’s is in the space that used to be Our Father’s. It has a great long bar, nice airy windows all along the walls and just a chill relaxing feel inside. I would come here for a drink, and some small bites while I rest my feet and quench my thirst. I have my eyes on cheese and onion popovers with chicken fat, honey butter or the charred asparagus salad— Little Leaf greens, bacon vinaigrette, charred asparagus, Parmesan peppercorn dressing, roasted wild mushrooms, croutons and a poached egg.

Deviled Egg bagel from Black Sheep Bagel Café

If you want a bagel and you’re headed to Boston Calling, I’d recommend pre-ordering from Black Sheep Bagel Cafe. Plan ahead because they are busy on a regular weekend and a holiday weekend will be even more of a wait. My order there is always the deviled egg salad toast. Choose your bagel variety and it will be topped with a sort of chopped deviled eggs, bacon, paprika, and scallion.

Seasonal iced drinks at Rite are the most refreshing and delicious way to cool off on a hot festival day.

If you’re up for a short walk, escape to The Charles River Speedway for tea or coffee and a small bite at Rite. At The Charles River Speedway (not to be confused with Speedway gas station on your gps) you can choose delicious pizza or sandwiches from Pizza Project, grab a beer at Notch Brewing, nibble on an empanada or dog from Super Bien, or enjoy an after party sake session at Koji Club, or a drink and some hand rolls at Birds of Paradise.

Or quench your thirst and rest your feet with a Notch beer.

Harvard Square Spots

If you dare to go into the belly of the beast aka Harvard Square, then head to WuSong Road for lunch (such a hidden lunch gem) or for evening drinks, small bites, or full on dinner. I love their Dan Dan Noodles (vegetarian available) and rice paper rolls but I have never not loved everything I ordered here.

Pastries at Flour for a mid-afternoon or morning pick-me-up.

I would grab a coffee and regroup at the chill and laptop-free community hub Faro Cafe. They have excellent drinks as well as pastries from La Saison. Another coffee and lunch option is the well-loved Flour Bakery + Café. You don’t have to be vegan to love the low fat chocolate cake. It is a must along with a seasonal house made soda for my familu. We love their yoghurt parfaits and the achiote chicken sandwich too.

Always the cutest and tastiest bao at Wusong Road.

Madras Dosa Co is tasty, quick and not a far walk from the bridge. They also have plenty of vegetarian options and you can quench your thirst with a lassi.

Saloniki is another spot we love and the Harvard Square location has tasty cocktails as well. My family loves the sandwiches, soups and salads. I am a super fan of Yia Yia’s soup in all kinds of weather. Grab a Greek sweet for dessert or head across the street to Mike’s Pastry.

Wings at Sea Hag

For lunch or dinner another good spot is Grendel’s Den or their new sister spot Sea Hag. If it is a burger you are craving the options are: Charlie’s Kitchen, Shake Shack, Tasty Burger, Mr Bartlett’s Burger Cottage or Boston Burger Co.

For pizza, Pinocchio’s Pizza and for tacos Felipe’s. Grab ice cream at JP Licks, froyo at Berry Line or gelato at Amorino.

Now get in there listen to some music and dance your heart out!

Boston Calling photo: D. Klein


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