Brisket gets a Bath


The briskets are cured. I hope! I was surprised to see that despite one being cured with pink salt and the other made Nitrite free, they both look very similar coming out of the brine.

They’ve been rinsed, topped off with fresh pickling spices, a rough mirepoix
of carrots, onion and celery.

Now they simmer for 3 hours… chill and we wait!

If you missed the beginning of the corned beef story and recipes they can be found here.


Social Media Mom Brain

I’d like to blame my haziness up there on what I have lovingly named “the plague” that has hit 3/4 of our family of late (and in the same breath be grateful that we were spared worse), but I can’t.  It’s not the never ending cold that drags us right …

Zen Lessons on the CSA Farm

This week we’re picking blueberries and sugar snaps.  It is hotter than hot, but somehow it’s almost always just a little bit cooler on the farm.  After a week of city heat, and sloth with everyone’s nerves growing together like tangled weeds it feels good to leave the kids on …