Gaming & Playing Games
Card game, strategy game, themed game. The Big Shuffle is a great game with a combination of strategy, luck and storytelling.
Learning to play The Big Shuffle by Previously Pluto. Just about everyone who learned the game bought one to take home. It’s a good one.

This section of the blog is to find out about all things gaming from where to go for a game night, where to buy games, how to connect with the gaming community, PAX East convention and more.

Find out where to join a game of Dungeons and Dragons or enjoy a game night in and around Boston.

We will keep you updated on latest games (Indie Games, PC Games, Video Games, Board Games, RPG), equipment and set up options for gaming at home, reviews, and events. Games are for everyone. Everyone is a gamer not just the stereotypical video game junkie that you often see portrayed. If you have ever been to PAX East and seen the sheer number of types of games and types of people enjoying them of all ages, races, places on the gender spectrum, and interests you will understand that there is a game for every person.

We all play games a gamer just gets that title perhaps for the amount of time they dedicate too gaming. The goal of gaming is to connect with others and have fun (or connect with yourself and have fun).