I is for Isabelle and O is for…

O is for Octopus

She started off as a toddler sucking on oyster shells and now at 9 she has asked for her own page of the blog entitled, “Isabelle and her oysters”. In truth, her taste for the sea all started with an appetizer at Craigie St. Bistrot (before the Craigie on Main days) when I ordered an appetizer that came with three beautiful warm Wellfleet clams. After eating two of the three my pre-schooler asked, “Can we just ask them for a few more?”

Back at Island Creek Oyster Bar this time as my +1 celebrating the launch of Chef Jeremy Sewall’s and Erin Byers Murray’s cookbook The New England Kitchen. These are Island Creek Oysters from Duxbury.


10th Birthday, by request at Island Creek Oyster Bar. 10 oysters for her 10th. Isabelle’s favourites were the Flying Pointe from Freeport, ME

Our local standby oysters Island Creek Oysters. This time at Kitchen in the South End.


$1 Oysters at brunch at Commonwealth in Cambridge.

And on the twitosphere….




Back at B&G Oysters in Boston’s South End. These are the tiny and delicious Fancy Sweets. This was also Isabelle’s first time tasting Pacifics. She liked them a lot. They were Penn Cove Oysters from Washington State.

On the day of the Red Sox Rolling Rally in celebration of the World Series win, Isabelle chose Legal Seafood for lunch. We sample Merry Oysters from Duxbury and enjoyed some Wellfleet Oysters as well.

B&G Oysters had a nice selection of oyster varieties to choose from with some really interesting shells like the really deep corrugated shells of the Komo Gway oysters. They reuse their shells for some cool plating of the fried oysters for example. They do not recycle their shells.

Thanks to a Facebook update, we headed to 51 Lincoln for fab $1 oysters at the bar and a little dinner too. The oysters are from Dennis, MA. We started asking restaurants if they recycle their oyster shells. They do not. On the drive home Isabelle and I talked about starting a business like Save That Stuff to collect the shells from restaurants.


20130907-194859.jpg B&G Oysters, Boston September 2013- Malpeque & Bristol Bay.

20130907-194921.jpg Isabelle showing me which four she is eating and which two I get.

20130907-222531.jpg Everyone follows back to school haircuts and shopping with a dozen oysters right? This was at The Red House in Cambridge, MA. Malpeques August, 2013

20130907-195009.jpg Mac’s Seafood on the pier. Wellfleet, MA August 2013

Rialto Oysters on a Sunday Night

I forgot to check the type of oyster because this was before this particular blog page, but this was a Sunday night. We had planned to go to Noir for $1 oysters but they had a private party so, we headed upstairs to share Rialto’s fabulous Sunday night burger (which happened to be topped with fried oysters) and of course our whole raison d’être: oysters. August or maybe late June, 2013 Cambridge, MA

20130907-195022.jpg Birthday celebration oysters (a few varieties including Duxbury’s Island Creek Oysters) at Island Creek Oyster Bar, Boston, MA June 2013

20130907-195033.jpg Island Creek Oyster Bar.

Legal Seafood Harvard SquareOysters in Harvard SquareLegal Seafood in Harvard Square. Summer 2011 or so.


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    I’m just as obsessed with oysters , so I don’t blame her one bit for wanting to document her oysters scapedes !!

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