Delivery 101:  Boston Organics

Delivery 101: Boston Organics

When my daughter was old enough for baby food, I had fantasies of steaming my organic veggies and using the fabulous food mill that I got as a baby gift to make her the most delicious, nutritious, hand-shmooshed food a child’s palate could experience.  I thought on weeks that I just couldn’t find the time to cook I might grab a serving of locally made Little Lettice baby food.  It turns out my daughter doesn’t do baby food and she would only have smoothies that she made with my assistance or adult food.  So instead, I made some fabulous raspberry sauce and perfect mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving with my food mill.

I wanted good organic food for the whole family baby food or not so, we joined Boston Organics.  We would pull our empty green bin out from it’s corner on the porch on Wednesday morning and go back later in the day to find our green bin laden with organic fruits and vegetables.  It was a fruit and vegetable gift that we unwrapped wondering what was in it this time.  My daughter and I would unload the box, and as we did she’d ask about the different foods and sample them raw.  She and I still love to snack on raw peas from the farm, raw beans of the vine, and sweet cherry tomatoes warmed by the sun.

The nice thing about Boston Organics is that you can choose a variety of boxes:  all fruit, 2/3 fruit, ½ and ½, 2/3 vegetable, all vegetable, office box-full of great fruit for snacking on, or the family box.  You can see this week’s box here:

Delivery can be weekly or bimonthly (this is erroneously labeled as biweekly on their site).  There are three tiers of boxes that range from $27 to $57 and there is no additional delivery fee. Most recently they added a small box of ½ fruit and ½ veggies for $24.  Boston Organics now offer add on groceries that range from pumpkins and other seasonal items, to chocolate, cheese, eggs, Nashoba Brook Bread, peanut butter, soynut butter, and other such items.  Last, but not least, they have a No- List so that if you hate bananas and are allergic to kiwis you can just add them to you no list and they will never be included in your box (I believe other items will be substituted). You don’t have to be home for the delivery and you can choose where they leave the box either indoors or outdoors.  You can use the service once or on a regular basis and if you need to cancel a delivery Boston Organics just needs two days notice.

When I was using Boston Organics I found the downside to be that so much of the produce was fromCalifornia and so little was local.  It seems, however, that they are trying to provide more local produce. Given the New England climate, especially in the winter, it’s understandable that most of our non-root vegetables and all our fruit will come from California.  Also, since it must be certified organic that limits options for local food sources.  Try a green box and see what you think.  Once we have our last CSA pick-up, I just might sign up for Boston Organics again.  Oh and if you’re wondering what a CSA is that’s coming up soon…

Bon Appetit.  ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

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