Weekly Bump:  Zing Pizza

Weekly Bump: Zing Pizza

‘m back and enjoying the beautiful Fall weather and scenery.  I’m happy to announce that the cafe at the Porter Square Book Store has finally opened Zing Pizza, their little lunch/pizza place around the corner from the Porter Square shopping plaza.

Location: 1925 Mass. Ave.

Fare:  comments by Gini on chow hound stated the following:  “They don’t have an official menu yet, but are offering salads, several types of thin crust pizza – think Emma’s style – blue sky sodas, and roti. I opted for the chicken roti, whose filling included squash, potatoes, green beans, and chickpeas. The roti was fresh made to order and the curried filling delicious. They’ll be offering a varied menu soon. For those environmentally-conscious among us, looks like they’re using recycled containers and composting waste. Lovely.”

That takes care of my morning plans.  To slowly get back into the swing of things Henry and I can do school drop-off, go to the Porter Square Bookstore for a coffee and to read a little.  We can head over to Stellabella toys for a little playtime.  A quick lunch at Zing Pizza and then back to school to start our string of Halloween festivities.

Boo appetit. ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

For more info: chowhound.chow.com/topics/565406

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