Veterans Day/Remembrance Day

Veterans Day/Remembrance Day

This is a day of rememberance of those who fought for our freedom.  Today, I was saddened to hear from Bob Oakes on NPR that one of every four homeless people in New England is a veteran.  There are many ways to help the homeless year-round.  This is a good time to get started and continue throughout the year.  Some of the ways to help were mentioned earlier in Sweet Tooth.

I remember my grandfathers (grandpa:  Sonny/Cyril and Zaida-Jack) constantly throughout my daily life.  Sometimes it’s a piece of music, usually a violin solo or an aria that takes me back and I can hear my grandfather’s voice humming or singing along.  Sometimes it’s a scent; someone walks by and leaves a floating scent of aftershave that reminds me of Zaida.  Other times it’s a snack.  My grandfather’s lived an ocean apart and were very different people, but they were both grand in their own way and lived a life so different from anything I will know or experience.  They both fought in wars that sound like tales from “fantasy” lands ages away.  I don’t think anyone can imagine what it is like no matter how much you read or see on the news.  But I don’t remember them for their wars.  They had my respect, love and awe for who they were more than what they did.  It’s the moments sharing a meal together that I remember most.  I remember feeling so important doing my “job” making fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast.  Whether I was five or sixteen it still felt as important and special.  One thing that always reminds me of my Zaida is bananas on toast.  I sometimes have it for breakfast, it’s a great snack, and on “just one of those days” it’s a perfect dinner.

Adding fruit to a savory snack is a simple way to brighten a meal.  There is something so delicious about a warm buttered piece of toast with a cool, sweet banana on top.  Now if you’re one of those banana-phobes then try something else.  I just had a conversation with my daughter about why some people just don’t like bananas.  It’s just a very distinct strong flavour.  Then try a slice of apple with cheddar or add clementines to a salad.  Strawberries are on sale at Market Basket this week they are great on cereal, in yoghurt, and even in salad with a little balsamic vinegar.

Enjoy this beautiful fall day.  Reflect on those that you are remembering in whichever way feel right for you.

Bon appetit.  ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

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