Turkeys & Turkey Trots

Turkeys & Turkey Trots

If you would prefer to have your Turkey prepared and cooked for you, then you check out Planning for Thanksgiving:  Buy it.  If you want to tackle the bird yourself then you’ve got several options.

Since childhood, I have always been someone who prefers vegetables and fish to meat especially poultry for the simple reason that I like the textures and taste of vegetables and fish more.  Now that I eat meat more often, I feel very strongly that it is worth spending more and having less.  If I’m going to eat meat, I’d rather not eat the hormones and medications that some animals are fed so I choose my meat very carefully. For information about safely cooking your Turkey you can see what the US Department of AgricultureMartha Stewart, the Food Network’s Alton Brown have to say on the matter.  Otherwise, I suggest speaking to your source.  Call the farm, ask the butcher, talk to the people who know.  Before you cook, you need your turkey.  So here are some options.

At the Farmer’s Market:
Stillman’s at the Turkey Farm will have turkeys at the following farmer’s markets:  Jamaica Plain Farmers’ Market, Charles Hotel Farmers’ Market, and the Copley Square Farmers’ Market.

At the Farm:
There is a great list of local farms.  When you visit the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources site you will find a good variety of turkey sizes, types, and prices.  Some will be frozen others fresh.  You may be able to pick up your turkey closer to home than the farm especially if you get a group of people together to place an order.  I have found that calling the farms directly is the best way to get in touch and connect with the farmers and find out about their product.

To your door:
You can order a turkey from In Season.  It will be delivered to your door on the Tuesday or Wednesday of Thanksgiving week based on where you live.

Foodie Spots:
You can also do a search on the Internet and ask around at your local foodie spot. Recently, the Boston Fringe Neighborhoods examiner’s eye caught sight of a hidden spot to get your fresh turkey.   I am getting ours a couple blocks from our house at Formaggio Kitchen because I know I will have so much to do with the kids, the triathlon, the cooking, and the comings and goings of family members.  The turkey is from Misty Knolls farm in VT, it’s not frozen so there is no thawing to worry about.  I really can’t ask for anything more…well maybe the children could be well rested and cooperative all day too.

We have our family triathlon before our Thanksgiving dinner.  If you or any of your family members are looking to escape…I mean run…this time of year, then there are many “Turkey Trots” that you can join.  These races are as early as November 20th and as late as November 29th.  They can be found all around the country.  If you live in the Cambridge/Boston area here are several that you can join.  Some are running races others are family friendly, and many you can choose to walk or run.

Whether you looking to hide behind the roasting pan or get some fresh air there is something for everyone.

Bon appetit and bon courage.  ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

For more info: Misty Knoll Farm, In SeasonStillman’s at the Turkey FarmFormaggio Kitchen,  Boston Fringe Neighborhood examinerActive.com Nation-wide Turkey Trots

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