Cranberry Turkey Sandwich

Cranberry Turkey Sandwich

If you just can’t wait for Thanksgiving, buy some cranberries and you can give yourself some tastes of the holidays this week.  With a little cranberry sauce you can make the Cranberry Roquefort Tartines if you are feeling festive.  If you just need a sandwich for work, buy some turkey, bread and take the mayo out of the fridge and you are all set.  With the leftover cranberries you can bake a tasty treat with the kids:  cranberry loaf, cranberry muffins, and we’ll try cranberry scones.

cranberry sauce
roasted turkey
bread (I used Iggy’s Bread whole wheat pullman)
any other extras you like on your sandwich (after thanksgiving you get to add a layer of stuffing it is amazing!)

Directions:  Build your sandwich.

Bon appetit.  ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

For more info: Look in the fridge and get inspired.

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