World AIDS Day:  Cooking for Those in Need

World AIDS Day: Cooking for Those in Need

Monday, is World AIDS Day.  This day represents the 20 year struggle to fight AIDS and to force AIDS to be recognized as the devastating disease that it is.  I remember first hearing about “le SIDA” when I was in 6th grade in France.  I overheard some of the teenagers saying that it was in the swimming pool and we might get it.  I had no idea what AIDS was and didn’t learn anything more about it until years later.

Today, people are more educated about the disease, people are more comfortable in many countries talking about sexuality and the spread and prevention of the spread of the disease because they can talk about sex.  The most recent goal of activists is to provide universal treatment, prevention, care and support for AIDS victims.

One of the best things that you can do for someone who is ill, whether it be a terminal illness, a chronic illness, or a little cold is to bring them a home cooked meal.  I know you just cooked a huge Thanksgiving dinner and you’re thinking you don’t want to buy another huge load of groceries and start cooking again.  I have an easy solution.  These are recipes that you can make for your family and a friend in need.  It takes minimal groceries (you can even substitute left-over turkey for the enchiladas) and about an hour to pull together three menus.

The cookbooks that are saving me this week are Maryana Vollstedt’s The big book of casseroles and I’m using a recipe from Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious.  If you don’t have these books you can get them at the library or just flip through the books you have and choose simple recipes.  The menus I put together are:

  1. Creamy Chicken Enchiladas, Side of Spicy Black Beans, Dessert
  2. Chicken with Olives and Tangy Beer Tomato Sauce,
    Rice, and a Salad
  3. Sloppy Joe’s, Salad, and Ice Cream Sundae

You only need a handful of ingredients.  For a healthier delivery vessel, you can purchase some inexpensive glass food containers at the grocery store or hardware store.  I have even just gone to TJMaxx or HomeGoods to buy a dish (this can be cheaper than buying a less eco friendly plastic container at the grocery store) and told my friends they can keep the dish or use it next time they make a friend a meal.

Then deliver the food, heat up your dinner, curl up on the couch now that all the Thanksgiving guests are gone and put in a great movie.  For World AIDS Day, I recommend the movie Love! Valor! Compassion!.

For more info: If you’re not up for cooking, you can support some people who are:  Community Servings.

If you want more of the recipes just let me know.

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