Classes We're Taking

Classes We're Taking

Parents are always asking one another about dance classes, music classes, and other activities.  There are tons of resources out there, but sometimes they just become a little too overwhelming.  Here is what we’re taking and I’ll include what we took when the kids were younger so that everyone can find something!

Hope this helps.


It is my belief that families with young children have the right and reason enough to adjust/modify and alter their schedule on a day by day or hour by hour basis.  So, in general, this is what we do, but we adjust according to weather, mood, sleep had the night before, and the like.


Monday we’re getting back into the swing of things for the week.  I call Monday my weekend.  My daughter goes off to school at Fayerweather Street School and my son goes off to his fabulous top secret family daycare.


Tuesday is dance class for Henry and I.  This is by far the best dance class for wee ones.  Creative movement is totally appropriate for children this age and there is no need for formal ballet, tap, or jazz training until later (if desired).  Green Street Studios for dance with Katie at 10:30.


Our plan was to take this art class at our favourite art center in the area Arsenal Center for the Arts for 3 and 4 year olds, but the class didn’t run due to lack of enrollment.  Since we have no classes this becomes our do what we want day.  We either stay home (so mommy can get something done in the house) or we head to the playground, run errands, head to the play space at the mall on a rainy day, or head out to Drumlin Farm)


This is a work day for me, but we would head over to Sharon Simon’s Music Together Class over at the Deborah Mason School of Dance (another great place I hear, but haven’t tried classes there yet.)

We are on a break right now, but Isabelle really enjoyed her art classes (clay and art adventures) from 3:30 – 5:00 at Arsenal Center for the Arts.  The classes are small and I found that, because she loves art, instead of being wound up and exhausted at the end of the day, she came out of art, relaxed and ready for a mellow evening.


We start our day off with a little playtime in my daughter’s class and occasionally we stick around to help with a cooking project, then it is off to gymnastics for tumble tots with Lynn at the Gymnastics Academy of Boston (in Cambridge).


This is a no activity day for us right now so we save it for family and/or mommy and/or daddy time.  Whatever we can work out or need to do that day.


We have swimming lessons at Boston University, which are great.  We have piano lessons at the Yamaha Music School in Lexington and the learn to skate program at The Skating Club of Boston.  It’s a busy day, but we manage to find time to fit it all in and still enjoy the weekend.

If you are a new parent a great place to start is to stop in at your local Isis Maternity.  Their classes are excellent and the support of other parents and the Isis staff is priceless.  From heading over to the breastfeeding drop in group when my daughter was a newborn (almost 6 years ago) to taking a walkers and talkers class with my daughter when my son was a newborn, Isis Maternity was a great resource and reason to get out the door each week (and sometimes several times a week).

I haven’t made it over to JP but another great place on my radar is the Eliot School.  I am eyeing the woodworking class for Henry.

We haven’t tried any of the team sports either.  I’m kind of on the fence about team sports for micro, mini, teeny, totsy, or whatever they call it.  If you are interested though, there are the super soccer stars, and micro soccer as well as the local “farm leagues“.

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