The Kitchen Vent: Seeking Simpler Times

The Kitchen Vent: Seeking Simpler Times

Okay so this is part rant and part recipe.  The rant is about food sensitivities, dietary choices, and the joke is on me because the recipe is gluten-free.

As I’m getting ready to host another large Thanksgiving I’m thinking not only of what I’ll be preparing (and who’s bringing what) but it spins off into another question.  Who’s eating what?  It makes me nostalgic for a time when that question never entered my mind.  I grew up in a household where one meal was served three times a day and you got what you got.  True, we weren’t expected to eat everything but whatever was on the table was what was for dinner/lunch/breakfast.

I always planned to do the same with my family when I had one, but somehow it’s just the opposite.  Everyone is eating something different.  We have some successful meals where everyone eats what’s on the table, but our reality is that we rarely eat at the same time, Daddy doesn’t eat dairy, Henry doesn’t eat much of anything, and Isabelle is adventurous, but not with everything.

And now, for family gatherings like Thanksgiving, I’m thinking so Daddy doesn’t eat dairy (it hurts his back), Uncle J doesn’t eat dairy (it hurts his belly), Grandma and Grandpa are vegetarian (no big deal since most of the meal is vegetarian and I don’t  mind making a veg. main), but now Grandpa might also be avoiding  dairy (I think grandpa and the cat made a pact or something), bubbe loves veggies but can only eat certain ones, and our guests family friends have children with their own dietary needs.  I’m not venting because I want anyone to feel bad about their choices or needs, it’s just a different time and not only do our food choices seem so complicated but it mirrors so much else in our lives that seem to be so complicated that perhaps were less so before.  Is it that there are too many options?  Is it that we have too much of everything?  Is it that everything moves so fast or has the illusion of doing so?  I don’ t know.  I just know it feels very different and I’m dragging my feet. that I got that off my mind…for now.  On to the recipe.  This is a great post Thanksgiving lunch or breakfast and it’s a fabulous way to enjoy eggs gluten-free and dairy free.

In a pan heat up some oil, add some chopped onion or scallions, add a spoonful or two of mashed potatoes (very garlicky are nice, or seasoned with salt and pepper).  Once the potatoes and onions start to brown a little then mash potatoes kind of flat.  Pour over two eggs that have been whisked well onto the eggs and onions.  When that sets, flip it over.  You don’ t need any toast because of the potatoes.   Dig in!

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