Dream Post:  La Réserve Ramatuelle

Dream Post: La Réserve Ramatuelle

I’ve decided that I’m going to give in to fantasy and include some dream posts.  These are places I’ll never go or things I’ll never do…okay I do believe in never saying never so let’s just say that I’m not likely to ever do, but I’m going to share about them because I have no problem dreaming and I’m taking you along on my reverie.

So on this wintery Cambridge day, let’s escape to St. Tropez.  In St. Tropez there is this idyllic looking spot where I’m sure every parent regains about 1 year of their life for every hour spent there and it is called La Réserve Ramatuelle.

Photo courtesy of La Réserve Ramatuelle

In addition to being a hotel, there is the next most important fantasy feature:  a spa. The spa has focus not only on beauty but also wellness which let’s all face it, go hand in hand.  At the moment I have neither fitness nor  that beautiful healthy glow, but I’m ready to get a kick start.

That’s where the boot camp comes in.  You wouldn’t guess it based on my current lifestyle, but I actually love going to the gym and having a good workout.  Somehow at home in my everyday, freelance life, I can’t actually seem to make it a priority, but I’m working on that.

So back to the bootcamp.  Beginning May 5th, the hotel’s signature Boot Camp kicks off.  It is a five-night personalized program encompassing yoga, Nordic walks, invigorating spa treatments and healthy, low calorie cuisine –perfect for getting in shape for the summer months to come.

Sample itinerary

6:30 AM               One-hour yoga session
7:30 AM               Breakfast
8:30 AM               Departure on a 3-4 hour countryside walk
1:00 PM                Lunch at the hotel
2:30 PM                Balneotherapy session (bathing healing treatment involving minerals)
3:00 PM                Body wrap
3:30 PM                Jet shower
4:00 PM                La Réserve Better Aging body treatment
6:30 PM                Relaxation session
8:00 PM                Dinner at the Restaurant

The Boot Camps are offered in May and June with rates starting at 2700 euros per person including accommodations. Minimum four persons per program. Luckily I can still dream because I don’t know my dollar to euro conversions!

For more information visit www.lareserve-ramatuelle.com. To book call +33 4 94 44 94 44 or email inforamatuelle@lareserve.ch.


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