OhBabyBoston's Spring Egg Cream Smoothie

OhBabyBoston's Spring Egg Cream Smoothie


When I thought about the smoothie I wanted to make, I knew I wanted dairy free, a little seasonal, it had to be pretty, and I wanted some greens.

Love Beets juice caught my eye and I knew it would be perfect to make my smoothie pretty. I chose rhubarb for seasonal because I didn’t think ramps or asparagus would work so well.

I chose baby kale for my greens because my blender at home is not so fabulous and the baby kale is more tender and easy to blend. We were, however, lucky enough to have the fancy fabulous Vitamix blenders to use at Whole Foods.

I added blanched almonds (I don’t like the bitterness from the skins in my drink) and pasteurized egg whites (raw from the fridge section near the eggs and in little milk containers ) for the creaminess.

For a little zing and zest I added ginger and emergen-c. I actually like the taste of vitamin c but I also wanted the extra c boost since its been cold season again this spring.

Lastly, for the rest of the fruit I added fresh and frozen strawberries. I like frozen fruit for the slushy texture they provide.

Recipe: Spring Egg Cream

Makes about 3 large glasses.

1 bottle of Love Beets Juice
1 small handful of blanched almonds
1 rhubarb stem trimmed
1 apple with the peel
6-8 fresh strawberries
6-8 frozen strawberries
1/4 cup of pasteurized egg whites
1 knob of ginger (1 -2 inch piece)
2 handfuls of Olivia’s Organics Baby Kale
1 packet of super orange EmergenC
Honey to taste

Wash the fresh fruit.
If you have a less than stellar blender you may want to peel and dice some if the fruit.
If you have a fancy, powerful blender, toss everything in and blend away.




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