A Tale of Two Cocktail Menus

A Tale of Two Cocktail Menus


I’ve been in Toronto, if you’re measuring time in libations, for two cocktail hours and in both places I found myself with wonderful options.

Most recently, I went out for a late (on Toronto standards – similar to Boston’s) night dinner with three friends and #tbex travel mates. Bannock, which serves New Canadian comfort food (more on that soon) had a fairly extensive cocktail menu. Drinks were $8-$10, made with fresh juices, and were playful concoctions.


My favourite spot so far (yes, out of all two restaurants) was The County General They are known for their Manhattan,which I considered but then got side tracked by a drink with caramelized orange zest, a Scotch wash and old fashion bitters.



Both places had excellent food as well as drinks (otherwise what’s the point?). The County General has a very large selection of cocktails and an impressive, what they call, Grog and Hooch, menu. They also have their ‘proudly Canadian’ selection of beer and wine.

For those of you who are looking for virgins, there is a selection of soda pop, juice, a Southern sweet tea and a cinnamon limeade ( just in case you change your mind, you can spike those too!) Bannock also doesn’t neglect the ‘no alcohol’ crowd with their delectable fresh juices: mandarin peach, rhubarb, a daily squeeze and a maple lemonade.

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