The elusive perfect Father's Day Gift

The elusive perfect Father's Day Gift

Part of what make’s finding the perfect Father’s Day gift so hard is that more often than not, it isn’t a particular thing that dad wants or needs.  More often than not what dad needs is more time, more sleep, more flexible income, more time with his buddies, more time with his kids, more time with the family.

So, although a great beer or new bike tool is much appreciated, try something different this year.  If father and daughter (or son) love trains, then here are some great options for this weekend.  Don’t think just because you’ve packed away the toddler set of wooden trains that your husband and now double-digits daughter don’t get excited seeing the train pull into the station and even more excited hopping onto the train.


If you want to go vintage, then take dad up to Maine and head to the Sea Shore Trolley Museum.  You’ll ride vintage trolleys from NYC, see old MBTA vehicles and take a step back in time.


If you want a weekend escape, then hop on the new Capeflyer.  You can even stay the night at the Sea Crest resort for $2 you can hop on the bus and request to be dropped off at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel where you can check into your beachside room and enjoy family time for a weekend.

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The Sea Crest Beach Hotel has a beautiful beach, an indoor pool and an outdoor pool so no matter the weather you’re going to be able to take a dip and enjoy the water with the kids.  For father’s day breakfast you can sit on the screened in porch overlooking the ocean and enjoy the bountiful and delicious breakfast buffet.


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