Cupcake Camp: One Day, Many Cupcakes


School just got out and already we’re starting with: A little math, a little reading, a little writing, and a whole lot of fun.

Why? Because we ‘re heading to Cupcake Camp! It is not exactly camp but it is a day of cupcake tasting, from classic to innovative, with amateurs (that would be us) to professionals. There will be relay races (don’t ask…I have no idea how that works), games, live music, and family activities.  Attendees pay $7 in support of the Somerville Winter Farmer’s Market.

Isabelle is a big fan of lemon meringue pie.  Her pie of choice (for lemon meringue at least) is Hi Rise Bread Co’s pie.  So her cupcake will be a lemon meringue cupcake.  It will have a version of Ina Garten‘s lemon curd inside.  The cupcake is a variation of the Fannie Farmer’s Boston Favorite Cake.  The top will be meringue.  Let’s see how that works in this heat!  But that’s a leaning moment for all of us and why we are testing parts of the recipe each day.

Today we tested a Joy of Cooking recipe for Henry’s pink lemonade cupcake.  The batter was nice and pink because we soaked some beet slices in the milk, but after baking the colour disappeared completely.  The recipe was also too sweet (I left the sugar as is, because Henry has a sweeter tooth) but we decided to stick with the Fannie Farmer recipe for both.  Tomorrow we test icings and glazes!

Here is Henry talking about his cupcake.  (as soon as I figure out how to upload the video).



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