Dog Days of Summer Camp

Dog Days of Summer Camp

Whether you’re a full time working parent (okay, we’re all full time working parents, but what I mean is if you have another job outside of parenting) or you just have spent way too many blissful, blisteringly hot, days with your children, summer camp in August is sometimes essential.  It is especially those last days before school will start when the kids get antsy, and extra cranky around you because they are anticipating school (love it or not it’s a big transition) and the regular camp your kids go to is run by college students who have all left town.  So where does that leave you?!  Well here are a few options.

Parts and Crafts in Somerville has a program from August 19th to August 30th.  They are also super flexible and fabulous so you can come for part or all of these sessions.

Who: kids, 7 – 12 Cost: suggested: $600, sliding scale

Robots and wildlife! We’ll make autonomous robots and program computers to simulate living things and then we’ll go outside, explore the urban ecosystem, garden, hike around Somerville gathering wild edible plants and cook ourselves a snack!

Gymnastics Academy of Boston (in Cambridge) has summer camp through August 29th.

It is for ages 3 1/2 (potty-trained) and up.  Activities include:  Sports and Physical Games, Gymnastic Rotations, Arts & Crafts, Open Gym Time, and Free Swim (summer only)

Belmont Day Camp goes through August 30th and is for children preschool aged through grade 8.

Tumble Kids USA has their camp running through August 30th as well.  It is for children pre-school through school-aged.

Arlington Center for the Arts has programs through the end of August for 1st through 10th grade.

Boston Sports Clubs have camp and tennis camp through August 30th as well.

I can’t guarantee spaces this late in the game, but you never know!  You can always consider a long weekend away, a family visitor to help take care of the little ones, try out UrbanSitter  and perhaps you’ll find yourself a great sitter for the fall too, or coordinate childcare with friends and neighbors!



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