Silk, Linen, and Pearls: 12 Years Married

Silk, Linen, and Pearls: 12 Years Married

Silk/linen and Pearls.


Silk for the flawless soft, sensual feel of silk but knowing it can snag easily and needs a lot of special care.

Linen for the crisp, clean, earthy feel and look. Linen is a light, airy, carefree fabric, but at the same time it wrinkles easily and somehow works best if just let be.

Pearls are little jewels that can only be found deep in the sea and not every oyster will produce a pearl.

These are all pretty good materials to reflect a dozen years together. Sometimes life together is as smooth as silk and other days there’s an unwanted snag.

Sometimes family life is airy and easy with spontaneous outings, laughter, or special moments. The linen summer days are endless and wonderful. They may leave you a little worse for wear though because with parenting as with partnership for ever action there is an equal reaction. From overtired children from long summer nights to cranky parents breaking up one too many evening bickering sessions after an idyllic beach day.

As for the pearls, we’re a long way from puppy love, but those flip flop tummy feelings of love are still there, they are just a bit harder to find. You take time to deep sea dive, and let dozens of oyster shells snap shut, but you look for just one more because you know there is a pearl.

Happy 12th Anniversary to my DBK. It’s been a long journey and wild adventure. Cheers to many more paths strolled, hiked, climbed, sailed and the many adventures ahead.




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