Rise and Sunshine Smoothie (Recipe)

I cannot wake up this morning. My brain is as hazy as the sky. After a Montreal bagel this morning and trading in a walk for stretching I needed something to zing, zip, zap me awake. Must be time for another green smoothie.


My active, as in wake up body, mind and soul, ingredients on this one are: the juice of a lemon and a knob of ginger.


  • a handful of washed spinach-No need to dry.
  • a spoonful or two of honey -More if you want it less tart.
  • a 3/4 inch knob of ginger, peeled
  • one apple, peel on, quartered
  • a 1/2 cup of yoghurt sub some almond milk or a handful of almonds here if you don’t do dairy.
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