Crudités Redefined

Crudités Redefined

There is a wonderful French song, by Jacques Brel called Les Bonbons (Candy).

“Je vous ai apporté des bonbons

Parce que les fleurs c’est périssable

Puis les bonbons c’est tellement bon

Bien que les fleurs soient plus présentables”

It says, “I brought you candy, because flowers are perishable.  Anyway, candy is so good even though perhaps flowers are more presentable.  Candy and chocolate are all well and good, but sometimes a piece of fresh fruit (that someone prepped for you) or a crisp crudité with the perfect complementary dip is even more appreciated.  Crudité Creations, out of Newton, is a company that takes the beauty of a bouquet of flowers, and turns that classic vegetable platter into something spectacular.  Crudité Creations recently sent me a bouquet for review with a side of hummus and onion dip.

This bouquet of vegetables is as tasty as it looks.
This bouquet of vegetables is as tasty as it looks.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was a bit skeptical.  We are fans of Edible Arrangements (ever since my son was born and I received my first one), but was this going to be a cheesy attempt to copy Edible Arrangements with vegetables?   I have always been a crudité lovers, but was this going to be too gimmicky? In my book, taste takes priority over everything and I was afraid this idea might fall short on all levels.  I have to say I was not just pleasantly surprised.  Our show-stopping bouquet was devoured by the entire party from 2 year old tot, kids, tweens, and parents alike.  Usually at a party I’m the lone one at the end sitting by the crudité platter happily crunching my way through all the leftover celery and cauliflower.  I haven’t even told you about the dips yet either!

The party:  It was my daughter’s 10th birthday and we had planned a sleepover and a day at the pool.  I had the Crudité Creations delivered that afternoon right before we headed out.  During adult swim the children walked right by the pretzels and chips and indulged in this blooming tower of vegetables. 1/2 the fun of eating it was figuring out what each flower was made of.


Crudité creations gets very creative with their selection of vegetables.  This is how you eat a rainbow.
Crudité creations gets very creative with their selection of vegetables. This is how you eat a rainbow.

I love a good dip and despise a bad one.  I have extra radar for any processed cheeses and creams and there was not the slightest taste of anything other than fresh cream and flavors.  The onion dip was mellow, not too sweet and just enough caramelized onions without being overpowering.  The hummus was creamy as well without being too rich and heavy on the tahini.  I did not try the ranch this time, so perhaps when I place an order I’ll have to get all three dips.

Crudité creation dips.Admittedly it was quite fancy for the pool picnic, but it was definitely the most admired snack on the lawn, and who doesn’t want to get a little extra fancy sometimes?

crudité poolside Crudité Creations sent me this bouquet and pair of dips free of charge for review.  As always, all opinions are my own.

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