5 (five, cinq, fünf) random facts about moi

5 (five, cinq, fünf) random facts about moi

I am on a train and my lovely friend Phyllis from Napkin Hoarder has tagged me in a game of ‘5 random facts’.

IMG_2850.JPG “Is that cool thing in your hair a spaghetti headz?” you ask. ‘Why, yes. Yes it is.”

So here we go:

1) I have a younger brother and, to go with the theme of my day which included a toy related work trip, he used to have a pound puppy. We fought a lot but we’re really close even though he only lived in Maine and I never see him.

2) I spent two years of public school in France. We had no school on Wednesdays, so every Wednesday
I got to go cross-country skiing in the alps. I had no idea how awesome that was.

3) My then boyfriend, now husband, and I once hitch-hiked down a path/road in Chamonix, unbeknownst to us right at the bottoms of an avalanche chute. #brilliant.

4) I am Canadian and British and an Alien and have the papers to prove all three.

5) I have a snake phobia that is causing me anxiety even as I write this. I think there are snakes under the seat in front of me on this train now. I really want to pick up my feet but I should probably just act normal.

Okay so now I am going to return the favour by tagging a few of my bloggerific friends. Nancy, of Capability Mom, Niri of Mommy Niri, Melanie, of A Beautiful Bite, Alexandra of self-titled blog Alexandra Elizabeth, Christy of Quirky Fusion, and Erica of Boston Rookie

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