Isabelle Takes on Pantry's Turkey Roulade

Isabelle Takes on Pantry's Turkey Roulade

As I mentioned, I recently popped into Pantry in Brookline to see what it was all about.  For this review, they sent me home with their Turkey Roulade recipe for 2.  My 11 year old daughter, who loves to cook, took on the recipe and made us dinner last week.  The recipe is made for two but it was plenty to serve four.  We loved the green beans so much from the recipe that they’ll probably be replacing our usual Thanksgiving recipe.

Although Isabelle is perhaps more comfortable in the kitchen than many adults, she was able to complete the recipe in an hour.  Most recipes take 35 minutes or so, but this is no ordinary dinner.  Isabelle made it from start to finish alone until it was time to cut the roulade.  Then she asked for a little help.

It was delicious and enjoyed by all three of us!

The Thanksgiving Roulade is available at Pantry in Brookline just in time for those of you who still haven’t quite figured out what to do for Thanksgiving this year.


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