Downtown at Boston's Hyatt Regency

Downtown at Boston's Hyatt Regency

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I have parked under the Hyatt Regency dozens of times without quite realizing that there was an elegant completely renovated hotel above me with a pool, the cutest little CEO (Cannine Executive Officer) Remi the Boston Terrier, and one of the most exquisite private dining rooms and patios I have had the pleasure to dine in.

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I was invited to a tasting and for a stay at the Hyatt Regency several months ago and have been looking for an excuse to hold a private event there ever since.  The hotel layout is airy and spacious and the dining room didn’t have that typical party rental room feeling that hotels often create and recreate over and over again.

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Location is key when you book a hotel. If you have young kids a pool is often a must too. Boston’s Hyatt Regency is perfectly situated in Boston because it has such a central location. It is a block from the Boston Opera House were you can see upcoming performances by Boston Ballet such as Russian tragedy Onegin, a balletic cabaret of 20th century pieces in Kaleidoscope, beloved Swan Lake or contemporary Mirrors. Although it is home to Boston Ballet, the Opera House is also home to Broadway in Boston where you can catch Beauty and the Beast and Pippin this winter.

Shopping was a little sad when the golden era of Filene’s Basement tarnished and then disappeared.  Now Ireland’s Primark is the star for wallet-friendly yet fabulous shopping. With many floors of everything from house wares, shoes and clothes for mom and dad to onesies for baby and hip sweatshirts and accessories for your teen Primark is a welcome asset.  You can splurge at Macy’s which on a cold wintry day you may want to walk through the indoor access walkway attached to the Hyatt and save at Primark.

As for dining you have some pretty fabulous options just minutes away from the Hyatt.  Head over to Chinatown, just two blocks away and enjoy dinner and/or cocktails at Shōjō if you want a modern taste of Chinatown.  For a treat you won’t want to miss the cream puffs from Beard Papa’s.  If bubble tea is your thing, you’ll have to try our favorites at Kungfu Tea.  Isabelle gets the Oreo bubble tea with boba’s and I like the jasmine or the milk tea with herbal jelly.  We don’t like it too sweet so we order “little sweet”.  The choices are:  no sugar, little sugar, half sugar, and less sugar. Everyone has their favorite places for dim sum in China Town:  China Pearl, Windsor Café or Hei La Moon.

If you want somewhere different to escape, you’ll have to pop into Yvonne’s even just for a drink, but it is a bit hard to leave without dessert to since pastry chef Kate Holowchik has way too much fun in that pastry kitchen.  For an all around fabulous meal and a taste of New England Townsman is the place to go and then of course also notable are JM Curley’s for American comfort food or Bogie’s Place for the next step up. If you want a little more low key Italian American then there is Salvatore’s for a quick pizza to go or dinner in.  I also enjoy a pre-theatre bite at Stoddard’s. For a quick sandwich to go or some wine and charcuterie to bring back to the room, be sure to stop into newly opened Gordon’s Wine with goodies from Moody’s Deli.

In general, I expect a decent breakfast at a hotel, but I don’t count on it being particularly good.  I know that if there is more than the simple continental breakfast there will be fruit that is decent (depending on the season) and a waffle machine that will keep my kids happy and well fed, but as for myself I plan on grabbing a coffee and something at a nearby café where I know the coffee will be better and the pastries won’t taste all the same whether they look like a bagel, a croissant or a Danish.

I loved the options for breakfast at the Hyatt and I became quite obsessed with the muesli. I love muesli and this is one of the best I have had.

For private events at Boston’s Hyatt Regency contact the hotel at  1-617-422-5516.  Reservations for the Hyatt can be made here or by calling 1-617-912-1234.



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