A Contemporary Element in a Historical Setting: Godfrey Hotel Preview

A Contemporary Element in a Historical Setting: Godfrey Hotel Preview

Downtown Boston, is a funny sort of mosaic.  There is a lot of history in Boston, some of colonized America’s, oldest history in fact.  Boston is also a small city in the sense that everything is close by and it is easy to walk from one section to the other.  The North End is next to downtown which is next to Chinatown, the theatre district, and the leather district.  Each neighborhood can be walked through in minutes and not hours. Just a bit further away is Boston Common and Boston Gardens as well as the South End and Back Bay. You can’t always judge a book by its cover, though and while many historic buildings have kept their facades and have been restored rather than updated on the surface, inside might be quite a different story.

The Godfrey Hotel which has just opened it’s doors to guests a perfect example of a hotel that has embraced its historic roots but is living in the present.

Here is a sneak peek at what the Godfrey has to offer.

Guest rooms are sleek yet spacious with wonderful views of downtown Boston whether you are at street level or looking across the skyline.  Rooms have keyless entry which you can set up on your phone if you like as well.  Mobile accessible hotel services, and free wifi are just a few of the elements that make The Godfrey Hotel of this decade even though its facade is Boston’s old Amory building that was torn down in 1777 and rebuilt in 1904.  The Godfrey Hotel is adorned with restored features of the gothic revival era building.

Godfrey Boston-7

The building that was once home to to furriers and button makers will now host business travelers as well as tourists in their 242 guest rooms.  All rooms are king or double queen with Frette sheets and James Heeley products.  The lounge is more than just functional. It could be a chic living room from one of the nearby South End apartments. It feels like a home and not a typical hotel lobby.

In similar fashion, the coffee shop will not be a “we serve Starbucks” nook, but rather one of my favourite coffee shops: George Howell. In addition, there will be a restaurant on the other side of the lobby with walls of windows on two sides embracing the city vibe that The Godfrey is lucky to be steeped in.

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