World Ballet Day

World Ballet Day

Boston Ballet Principals Paulo Arrais and sAnaïs Chalendard

World Ballet Day Live started in 2015 and it has been a great way for ballet companies and ballet dancers in training around the world to connect.  Catch some of World Ballet Day Live this year today, October 4th!

As someone who found a lot of joy in dancing since I was a little kid and now again as an adult, I look forward to this chance to step inside professional studios around the world.

On the blog I’ve written about Boston Ballet, because they are the company that I get to see perform the most and despite my rocky start with Boston Ballet years ago (when it was nothing close to the company that it is today) Boston Ballet is now one of my favourite companies to watch.  Last year my daughter and I were also able to see a really interesting and moving performance by Prometheus Dance.

This year, I hope to find time to see performances from some of the other local, smaller, but also very talented and creative companies in New England this year such as Jose Matteo’s Ballet TheatreJose Matteo’s Ballet Theatre (where I used to dance until my daughter was born 12 years ago).  This year, we also had the chance to see The National Ballet of Canada in Toronto, which was a real treat and then again the National Ballet of Canada while they were in New York City at Lincoln Center for their version of Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale.

If you want to go to the ballet this year or just about any performance in Boston here are some tips and tricks to get tickets and discounts.


For more on ballets and other of my favourite performances check this posts out.

The littlest dancers. Boston Ballet students learning their first position. Boston Ballet teacher Luciano Aimar is amazingly engaging for the youngest ballet students, keeping them moving and learning throughout their class.



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