Game Changer: Netflix on Xfinity

Game Changer: Netflix on Xfinity

We all have our favourite blankets to snuggle under and choice corners of the couch to curl up into.  The den is always scattered with blankets and pillows.  If I’m lucky, the remotes are back in the remote tin where the next person can find it.  We also all have our favourite ways to watch. Dan is our DVR guy with full surround sound as he watches cycling races, Ironman, Fast and Loud, and catches up the day’s news.  Henry and I dabble in DVR as we have been watching Supergirl together for the last year or so and we just added Timeless to our tv-watching routine.  As for Isab8elle, she is the Netflix devotee with Bunheads running on replay over and over again.  I like to mix it up with some reality shows on the DVR, quirky films on Netflix or revisiting old shows on Netflix or Hulu.

I mentioned last time how I love the X1 voice remote and I still do.  I’m about to like it even more now too.  Xfinity will be integrating Netflix in their system so all you have to do is say “Netflix” into the voice remote and you’ll be able to access your Netflix account.  That is a game changer for us because before we were toggling between systems and going from Apple TV to Xfinity and back again.  With lost remotes, and plugs being switched it was never the relaxing Netflix and chill experience anyone was looking for. Before we even sat down for a family movie everyone was blaming everyone else for missing remotes and plugs and cords. It was an ugly scene.  Sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference.

Another little X1 remote tip is to use the “Last” button.  The last 9 shows that were watched will pop up in a list.  As a parent this is great because you can see what everyone has been watching lately.  Even better though, is that if I can watch movies again and not worry about where I left off.  I can pause my Netflix movie and pop into the kitchen to prepare dinner and maybe get back to again after everyone is in bed.


Netflix on Xfinity will be fully integrated so that if you are watching an old season on Netflix it will seamlessly continue all the way through the new episodes live or on demand on Xfinity.  In addition, if you are searching for all the movies or tv shows from, let’s say Robin Williams, then you will see everything available both from Xfinity and from Netflix.

Now you just need to carve out a little time from your busy schedule for a little Netflix therapy.  Everyone needs a little escape every once in a while.

Compensation disclosure: This post is sponsored by Xfinity and a gift card was sent in exchange for my work.


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