From Eaton's to Macy's

From Eaton's to Macy's

The Sweater, Sheldon Cohen, National Film Board of Canada

My Macy’s growing up was Eaton’s. The iconic stripes of an Eaton’s gift box always held something special inside. My bubbe used to work at the confection counter at Eaton’s in Winnipeg and would always bring a box of chocolate rosettes as a treat when she came to visit us in Ontario. My bubbe would tell stories of how Evelyn Hart of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet would come buy sweets from her. Eaton’s also played a part in a very important book that every Canadian child knows: The Hockey Sweater.  When I moved to New York, I said “Goodbye.” to Eaton’s and “Hello.” to Macy’s. I don’t shop in department stores often but I always go in to Macy’s at least once this time of year to look for gifts and see what is in the Martha Stewart collection. This week, Macy’s sent me a $25 giftcard to snap a few photos of my favourite finds and to help me cross a few things off my holiday shopping list.

My first visit to NYC was as a tourist and it was Christmas, so of course we went to Macy’s in to see the decorations and window dressings. It took my breathe away. I had never seen anything so elaborate and fancy. Once a year, Macy’s goes from being the all American department store to being a bit of a  fantasy world.  It begins in November with the awe and pageantry of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is one thing and continues through Christmas with the mailbox for letters to Santa and the holiday decorations. Then of course there are the 30% off signs that have me skipping up the escalators like a toddler after a visit with Santa.

Since I tend to get overwhelmed in department stores, what I figured out is that if I just go in and focus on the brands I know and like then I don’t have a panic attack.  My 1st stop is always Martha Stewart, but then you never know what distractions you might find along the way, but by then you’re in a good mindset so it’s all good. Here are some of my favourite finds.

This is my dream bed for the bedroom I have in my fantasy mountain house in Vermont or maybe the Alps (dream big). These are Martha Stewart for Macy’s.

Kate Spade has some very cute gifts.  So cute that it is more of a “one for you/two for me” shopping experience.

Another display that caught my eye on the way to the Martha Stewart section was Stonewall Kitchen.  Stonewall Kitchen is based out of Maine and they make some pretty delicious jams, sauces, and other such treats.  This tree shaped box filled with little jams is the perfect gift for someone this year and will find it’s way under grandma’s tree.

Eventually, I made it over to the Martha Stewart section and in addition to that dreamy country-chic bed I also found these:

For your sports fans these bags are pretty fab are are these accessories and toys.

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Macy’s has lots of great deals online and in the store. Download the app for coupons from your phone, or just do a search online before you shop.

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