Mix-It Up For Dinner or Lunch: Cambridge

Mix-It Up For Dinner or Lunch: Cambridge


Earlier this summer I was invited to check out a restaurant that I have walked by many times but never stopped in.  After my first visit, I have been back within a week with the whole family. I know these hot summer nights will have us ordering takeout a lot too.

Mix-It is on Massachusetts Ave in Cambridge next to a string of restaurants from pizza and ice cream to fancy sit down restaurants and cafés.  From the outside it looks like a little casual restaurant, but when you walk in and see the food you realize you’ve stumbled upon something pretty special.  You eat with your eyes first and palate second and Mix-It is a triple threat.  The food is beautiful, it tastes delicious and the staff is friendly.

Above is a little bit of everything.  I like dining out here with the family because whether one person is in the mood for sushi and someone else wants rice or soup we can each get what we are in the mood for.  Above is their blossom plate of sushi “flowers”  that are so fresh and tasty.  The soup bowls are a great option too.  You choose the kind of broth, the type of noodles and whatever add-ins you like such as additional meat, an egg, extra vegetables and more.  There is a large selection of fried rices.  We tried the kimchi fried rice with shrimp.  Mongolian beef is one of their most popular dishes, and if you try it you will easily understand why.  There are specials seasonally and so far I haven’t had a dish that was “a miss”.  I went once for this tasting lunch and was hosted and have since been back a few times with the family and have had delivery.

Oh, I almost forgot there are also the “bento box” lunches pictures above on a plate rather than a box.  These include soup, salad, dumplings, rice a main and some fruit.

Great!  Now I’m craving Mix It!  Good thing we love nearby.

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    Wish they delivered to Pound Ridge!

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