I Love Fall Outings: Mann Orchards' Corn Maze

I Love Fall Outings: Mann Orchards' Corn Maze

I was recently invited to visit the new Riverside Farms corn maze at Mann Orchards in Methuen, MA.  The first thing I had to do was figure out exactly where Methuen was and when I realised how quick and easy it was to get there, I gathered up the family and we headed out. From Cambridge, it was an easy drive that took about 45 minutes.

This year is Mann Orchard’s 140th anniversary and the corn maze is the first in Methuen.  The maze is 7 acres which sounds huge and scary but for this very tentative corn maze family, it was just right.  There were a few check points where you can stand on a platform and take a look at the maze from above, but we opted out and just trekked on.  For the corn maze pros, there are several flash light nights planned.  Every Friday and Saturday starting September 22nd from 6 pm to 10 p.m. ($14/per person). Daytime entry to the maze is $10/ per person week days and $14/per person on weekends. Children under 2 are free.

What I loved about Riverside Farm at Mann Orchards is how low key it was.  There was something for everyone and nothing was too far from anything else.  This means if you had one child who wanted to go play with the ducks and water pumps and another who wanted to go get a fresh hot cider donut, you could keep an eye on both.

Activities include a mini hay maze, sandbox, spider web climber, giant chess and checkers, pumpkin bowling, bean bag toss, water pump races, a giant coloring mural and a petting zoo.

There is fair style food which includes hambers and hot dogs, fried dough and all that salty greasy good stuff.  If you want to eat something a little lighter and fresher, stop at the Mann Orchards’ farm stand and pick up a salad.

This time of year, it is important to multitask, so for a weekend outing, I highly recommend planning to enjoy a day out and get your shopping done for the week.  You can stop at Mann Orchards’ farm stand and the kids can enjoy some Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream (from Maine) while you fill your cart with apples and peaches from the orchards, an apple crisp and chicken pot pie from the freezer, lettuce, garlic, onions and even beer or wine as well.  Across the street from the farmstand is Market Basket so you can pick up the rest of your pantry items etc. there.

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The price is right, so grab your friends and head back again another weekend. Admission includes all activities aside from feeding the animals and feeding yourself. Be sure to show the children what the maze looks like from above when you get home (there is a photo on the website).  It is fun to see it from that perspective after.

I would love to send you and three family members or friends to check it out for yourself.  Entries to win a family 4 pack begins September 7th and ends on Tuesday, September 10th.  Click below to enter.

Boston City Living Corn Maze Family 4 Pack Giveaway

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