Waitress The Musical: Who Will Be Lulu?

Waitress The Musical: Who Will Be Lulu?

We love Waitress and we love Lulu.  I was lucky enough to see Waitress The Musical when it was in Cambridge at the American Repertory Theatre.  I loved it and had Sara Bareilles’ soundtrack.  We used to sing it in the car, and eventually the children new every song word by word and were harmonizing on the way to ballet or soccer or school.  If there was bickering building up in the back seat, I’d subtly switch from the radio station to the Waitress soundtrack to put an end to any arguing.

The family heads to Broadway to see Waitress the Musical
Trip to NYC to see Waitress The Musical.

Waitress the Musical will be playing in Boston at the Boston Opera House from February 20th through March 4th and they need to find their Lulu.  Lulu has a small role at the end of the musical and is played by a young child.  If you are not familiar with the story of Waitress, it is about a waitress named Jenna, who finds joy in baking and makes incredible pies.  She works at a local diner with a cast of entertaining characters and is stuck in a loveless marriage with a controlling and abusive husband (it’s not overly violent in the show but there is drinking and anger and a guitar smashing).  The story as a whole is a sweet story of love, loss, passion and finding new paths.

I love that they are using local talent for Lulu and can’t wait to see it just one more time!

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