Our City Life: March 2018

Our City Life: March 2018

I am always tweaking how I write my blog posts.  I want to share all that is going on.  Some events I attend are hosted and plenty more are just places I want to go, see and try out.  I decided the best way to keep you all up to date is to just share what I have been up to periodically.  Here is a start and I’ll try to keep you up to date this way on a regular basis.  For those of you who follow me already on Instagram or Facebook you’ll have a good sense of what I’ve been up to but here it is all succinctly in one place; recipes and all.  Please note that a few of these links are affiliate links.

Arts, Science & Culture

What have we been up to lately?  Well, I went to visit the new Acton Discovery Museum to preview it and take some photos prior to their grand opening.  I cannot wait to take the kids.  I think Henry will be hard to pry away from the vacuum and valve structure.

During member days, members can bring a guest to the MFA, so my friend and I spent a luxurious morning (or should I say much needed therapeutic morning) looking at art.  We went to the MFA to see the Klimt & Schiele exhibit.  While we were there I brought my friend to see the Takashi Murakami, which I had already seen with my family.  The M. C. Escher exhibit wasn’t there last time and I can’t wait to bring Henry to see it.  The precision and fantasy in Escher’s work will definitely pique his interest. One of my favourite exhibits was the (un)expected families exhibit, which included part of an exhibit I had seen at MASS MoCA by Tanja Hollander called Are you really my friend?

Dan and Henry went to the Museum of Science to experience the mirror maze and Henry can’t wait to bring us all back there.  Boston Ballet’s Parts in Suite is running now and it has one of my favourite pieces:  Bach Cello Suites.  Isabelle and I were also invited to see Romeo and Juliet on opening night (more about that production coming soon).  The two programs could not be more different but they are both fabulous.  I love seeing the new company members, veteran members and newly promoted members of the company all find their groove together.

From mirror mazes at the museum of science in Boston to Parts in Suite at the Boston Opera House From mirror mazes to Parts in Suite.

Fashion & Food

This week, was dinner at Momi Nonmi for a Malaysian pop-up dinner with friends. I am craving all of the sauces that were served that night.  I checked out the new tea house in Brookline (and am kind of obsessed).  I can’t wait to bring the family for Japanese Breakfast one morning.

Soda at the Gen Sou En Te House Soda at the Gen Sou En Tea House in Brookline. I had the ginger once and this one is the grapefruit. My favourite so far is the ginger.

On the fashion front, I tried a new delivery style service called Dia & Co. on Kim’s recommendation.  I signed up with much trepidation because I am very picky about my clothes.  On the other hand, my wardrobe is full of holes and grease stains from cooking and wear and tear and the occasional moth.  My Dia & Co stylist was a rock star and really picked out all the right things.  So much so that I  kept every single thing Dia & Co sent me.  I got a pair of black jeans, a top, a cardigan type thing, a purse (you can choose to get accessories or not), and a dress.  The price-point was good and the stylist got me.

Cooks & Books

What am I reading?  For the most part I’m reading permission slips, homework assignments, and catalogues.  In between that I’m reading blog posts, newspaper articles, and fake news.  Then when I can find time, I am still trying to finish a book I love… and can never find enough time to read but I’m almost there… and still loving Americanah.  At the library I also pickde up 32 Yolks: From My Mother’s Table to Working the Line by Eric Ripert and Veronica Chambers.

What have we  been cooking?  I was inspired to do a stuffed pork loin after our stay at the Dan’l Webster Inn.  I knew the kids would not like the sweet/savoury mix of the apricot stuffed loin we had so I had Isabelle make this spinach and proscuitto stuffed pork loin while I took Henry to his fencing class. Henry was home sick one day and he made these flourless peanut butter cookies (the non-brownie version).  Isabelle made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies as well. Both are delicious.  Can you tell I took the Sally’s Baking Addiction cookbook out from the library?

Tachin Saffron Rice by Andy Baraghani My attempt at Tachin Saffron Rice by Andy Baraghani that I watched on a Bon Appetit Video. Results were imperfect due to my @#$hat oven but it was delicious!

I also made Andy’s crispy saffron rice with barberries after seeing the video on my phone.  I was finally ready to attempt it. My oven flaked on me and kept fluctuating temperatures but in the end it was still delicious…just not exactly crispy.  I’ll try again.


We had plenty of leftovers so that’s what was for dinner and Isabelle was not thrilled (she and I are not fans of leftovers). I offered to make some mashed potatoes which I rarely make since the whole family likes crisp potatoes but only Isabelle and I like mashed. A version of these Instant pot potatoes were the perfect solution to revive dinner.  I used some this morning in my morning eggs (trying to eat more tubers and less bread per dr. recommendations).


Dan and I spent an evening at the Dan’l Webster Inn in Sandwich during one of our recent storms.  It included a night of chef demos and some very useful cooking tips that I have already applied at home.  A cozy evening by the fire and a little power outage.  All in all a fun, tasty, romantic getaway.  I can’t wait to try it again with the power so we can put the hot tub to use!

Dan'l Webster Inn, Sandwich- Cape Cod Dan’l Webster Inn, Sandwich- Cape Cod

We have family coming to town and some that already came.  My brother had a great stay at Hotel Marlowe where they surprised him with some birthday treats.  My in-laws travel with their dog and Boston has many pet-friendly hotels.  They will be staying at the Charles Hotel which is one of our family favourites nearby.  Then just in time for Passover, my parents will be visiting and they’ll be staying at the new Freepoint Hotel.  I can’t wait to join them there for a cocktail one night.

Hotel Marlowe treats for the birthday boy. When you give the hotel your brother is checking into the “heads up” that it is his birthday celebration weekend. I was hoping for a little something, but Hotel Marlowe went all out!

I shared a little piece of our trip to Japan over on Wike Baby this month as well. For Spring break a few years ago we went to Tokyo & Kyoto, Japan.  It was a trip of a lifetime (we were lucky to have accumulated many points with my husbands travel from work etc.)  Read about our day trip that included this very low key hike in the Bamboo forest.

House & Home

We have been doing bathroom renovations at home.  Our bathroom downstairs was circa 1970 something and upstairs 1980 something.  They have been tolerable but we had the time and saved up some cash to be able to redo them.  Unsponsored, but I do write for Wayfair, most of the items Toto toilets and all were ordered from Wayfair.  We used tile from United Tile America in Watertown, and some wood accents with wood we bought at Longleaf Lumber.

Bathroom 1 renovation Renovating the bathroom downstairs was a labour of love (and stress). In the end I was happy with everything we chose.

This week I also highlighted some of my Wayfair blogger’s picks for creating that perfect cocktail/summer garden.  Thinking about the garden is a great way to get your head out from under the slushy snowy haze.

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