Tick Tick Talk

Tick Tick Talk

When we first moved to Pound Ridge, NY my high school friends’ greatest fear was me getting shot or mugged in NYC.  My greatest fear was starting at a new high school given that I was not the most outgoing or confident person there ever was.  My parent’s greatest fear for me was being bitten by a tick.  What on earth?! Who has ever heard of not being able to go out in their own backyard to play without a care in the world?!  Apparently Quest Diagnostics has, because they are partnering with me to give you a little update on the world of ticks, tick bites and Lyme disease.

I had never heard of a tick before, and my parents telling me I needed to wear socks over my jeans if I went out to play sounded like a bit of insanity.  My parents were never even close to helicopter parents.  I remember climbing through active electric fences on hikes in the alps when I was 6 years old.  We played in rubber dinghy’s in white water along the rivers in Canada without any life jackets. This craze over a tiny tick seemed a little odd.  Now in my teen years, all of a sudden my parents were afraid of me getting bitten by some tiny little bug?

I was almost afraid to go outside.  Luckily we had a large deck, paving stones and a pool, so I just avoided the grassy areas until I could figure out what this was all about.  I still don’t really know the how or the why of it all, but I do know it has something to do with Deer and mice.  I also know that ticks are in most abundance on my favourite island of Nantucket.  I still make my husband do all the tick checks since he grew up in Pound Ridge and knows what to look for.  What I didn’t really realise is that there is an actual test that will help you know if you have Lyme disease or not.

Especially for me, the symptoms of Lyme’s disease seem a lot like the symptoms of motherhood and old age.  How am I supposed to know what’s going on?!  Well now I know, you take a blood test and then you can find out a  little more about what the root of all the aches, pains, and lack of energy is.

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