Go Nuts For the Holidays: Literally

Go Nuts For the Holidays: Literally

Photo courtesy of: @Kimworld

Come fall and winter, we bring out the nuts. I’m not talking election politics or even family members. I am talking literally about nuts. Putting out a dish of nuts when friends stop by for a little visit feels festive and special. For holiday parties we always start with some cocktails and nuts. Nuts even find their way into our oatmeal, cookies and pies much more this time of year.

Luckily, Boston has some great places to pick up nuts for all the occasions.

Newby: Gräem

New shop in Concord, Gräem, is worth the trip. It is so cute and filled to the brim with nuts, dried fruits and confections.

Hip: Q’s Nuts

Q’s Nuts in Somerville, in the Boston Public Market, and found in various local shops are worth a try. They have great spiced and flavoured nuts from sweet to savoury. Their selection of flavours is the best around. They know how to get all the flavours just right!

No Frills: Arax

Arax is one of my favourite stores for picking up spices and olive oil. This time of year, they are well stocked with dried fruits and nuts too. You can’t beat the friendly staff and the prices. Pick up some nuts and make your own mixes. You can also try making some honey roasted nuts of your own.

Old Fave: Fastachi

This awesome shop in Watertown (and now Boston as well) is my “go to” place for nut mixes. I love their mixes and roasted nuts. Fastachi has dried fruit as well as chocolates and they also carry delicious pâte de fruits and marzipan.

Road Trip Worthy: Yoleni’s

On a recent day trip to Providence, Rhode Island, I went to Yoleni’s and I have been dreaming of it ever since! I bought some pistachios that are the best I have had and I need to restock ASAP!

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