Xfinity Rewards: Moms treat yourself (Sponsored)

Xfinity Rewards: Moms treat yourself (Sponsored)

The following post is sponsored by Xfinity but all opinions are my own.

I like routine and schedules not just because it makes life easier and less chaotic but also because when it comes time to go “off schedule” for the holidays we all appreciate throwing routines out the window and carving out extra time for ourselves together and apart. I have collaborated with Xfinity to share a few ways that you can spend some fun family time together over the holidays thanks to the Xfinity Rewards program.

I look forward to family game time over the holidays. I also give myself extra time to read, do some embroidery, and watch a movie or two with the kids. I am almost done the gift wrapping and holiday “to do” and “to pack” lists and so I logged into Xfinity Rewards to see what they had to offer us for family time.

The best part of the holidays, is that everything slows down and time with my family is the only thing on the schedule. It sounds cheesy but that is one of the greatest rewards. Even though my kids are teens, we get in some good chill time especially cooking together, watching movies all cozied up under a blanket, and revisiting some favorite games, movies and books from when they were little.

I remember seeing Sing! when the kids were younger and we all enjoyed it! Now I’m really looking forward to some, what I lovingly call, forced family fun, and watching Sing 2 all together.

Xfinity Rewards is a free rewards program available to all Xfinity customers. It is simple to join here and claiming rewards is easy; there is everything from special perks and discounts to live and virtual experiences. To access rewards, there are no extra steps and most of the rewards are just one click to claim.

Now, I just need to decide if I should download the activity sheets for Sing 2 or have the kids do Stingray Karaoke with our free one month trial.

I’m thinking the Karaoke may be the way to go. This could be the year of holiday Karaoke parties. In addition to having a Sing movie karaoke session, we could keep it going all through December with holiday songs, and many more. Through December 31, we can try out Stingray Karaoke for 30 days for free on Xfinity – a perk of being Xfinity Rewards members.

Stingray Karaoke delivers the ultimate karaoke experience on X1 and Flex. We can choose from over 20,000 songs, including a special playlist from Sing and Sing 2, in theaters December 22. Stingray Karaoke has easy-to-read scrolling lyrics and fun video backgrounds. Xfinity users can claim this reward at Xfinity Rewards or in the Xfinity App.

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