All Aboard With Fab Slabs: Kitchen Boards

All Aboard With Fab Slabs: Kitchen Boards

Call them cutting boards, charcuterie boards, display boards, or kitchen boards, whatever they’re called the world has been paying a lot of attention to these slabs of wood that bring us food from family brunch to neighbourhood cocktail parties. I was recently sent samples of a new to me beautiful wood cutting board made out of an eco-friendly wood that is also naturally anti-bacterial. Fab Slabs are made out of Camphor Laurel tree, which is sustainably found in Australia

Cheese on a board is my favourite party treat.

Fab Slabs are nice and thick, but not heavy. I love that they have a lightness to them making it much easier to carry a board or two to the table. They are 100% Australian made and are cut out of a single slab of wood. The boards come in beautiful rounds, larger rectangular slabs, and can also be customized.

I love the rounded edges of the Fab Slab boards.

The Australian Camphor Laurel has a wonderful fresh scent that is slightly minty. It is not so strong that it interferes with the flavour of the food you are serving. Fab Slabs have a pleasant scent that may be picked up by some foods if left on the board for a while. As the boards are used, I assume the scent dissipates.

Fab Slabs can be found at Wayfair, Amazon, Walmart, and Overstock. They make a perfect hostess gift to bring to a friend’s summer house. They are a beautiful base for your summer entertaining from crudité platters and fruit platters to a s’mores board or charcuterie board.

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