Boston is Known For Many Things

Boston is Known For Many Things

Asking what Boston is known for is a bit like asking what a queen who reigned for 70 years has done (good or bad) in her life. It is not one thing and not even one type of thing, but many. I recently contributed to an article by Redfin and chose to focus on these few things that Boston is known for.

Feast at Flour Bakery + Cafe

I chose food because that’s one aspect of Boston that I know quite well, but the Boston food scene would require a whole book or perhaps a three volume series so I narrowed it down further. As we all know especially this time of year, the Boston area is home to dozens of universities, colleges, higher education of all sorts. It is also home to some of the oldest high schools in the country. We take learning pretty seriously around here. Here are some of our food scene’s smart cookies who have made a huge impact not only in the neighbourhoods where they are located but in the greater community as well. In honour of Boston’s Mayor Michelle Wu who is the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants, a lawyer, a politician, and overall bad*ss, I have chosen to focus on Asian American women who are making the Boston area a tastier and better place.

Hanging out with Joanne Chang of
Flour Bakery + Café.
Buns at Bao Bao Bakery

Find out who I picked, what delicious food and drinks they are concocting and why in the article here. They include a doctor turned chocolatier, a mathematician turned baker, and a lawyer turned food tour guide.

Best Chocolates in the country not just Boston.

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