Drag in Boston

Drag in Boston

If you are paying attention (even a little bit) you know that instead of fighting things that are harmful and dangerous; guns, police systems, lack of health care, mental health crises and such, a large portion of this country is banning Drag Shows. As far as I can tell a Sunday in church has done more damage to many children and a Sunday at brunch with some very talented drag queens has never harmed anyone.

Kori King and Mazz Conn at Summer Shack’s Legally Blond Drag Brunch

Know Before You Go

  • Before you buy tickets make sure you know whether the event is 21+ or not
  • Bring those dollar bills and lots of them. Cash is part of the program. It is an integral part of the show and a way you will interact with the drag queens in as innocent or down and dirty as the vibe allows.
  • Respect the talent. Respect the people or stay home.
  • Brush up on the theme (you’ll have more fun). It is a fact that the guy across the room who knew every line from the Legally Blond movie and all the songs had more fun than the rest of us. Choose a theme you can really get into.
  • Get social. Every performer had an Instagram feed and a venmo account. Follow them on Instagram to support them. If you wish you had brought more bills hop onto Venmo and tip a little extra.

Drag Shows Come in All Varieties

There are many different options to enjoy Drag in Boston from full fledged shows for a 21+ audience to an all ages brunch. There are drag story hours as well as drag trivia and bingo nights. Find something that suits your interests and comfort level and give it a go!

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