Blue Man Group for the Holidays

Blue Man Group for the Holidays

I am old enough to remember when Blue Man Group was brand spanking new to Boston. Since then, I have been through so many stage of life, marriage, young parenthood, basically all the stage of parenthood up to sending adult(s) out into the world, and yet every time I go see the show, at whatever stage of life I am in and with whomever I bring, we all have a great time. Blue Man Group is one of those shows I leave with my cheeks hurting from smiling and laughing so much. Over the years, the show has changed to reflect whichever aspects of our lives are worth pondering while also poking fun at ourselves. Recently, Blue Man Group zhuzh’d the show, keeping it up to date, relatable, and as always rofl -ly funny. In an age when everyone has too much stuff and too little time, tickets to a live performance are a great way to spend time with family or the perfect gift to give.

Blue Man Group at the Charles Playhouse in Boston

Blue Man Group performs in Boston at the Charles Playhouse. When you enter the theatre there is a lounge with a few interactive elements, drinks for purchase, a tiny little merch corner and of course rest rooms. You then go upstairs into the theatre, which is mid-sized but feels quite intimate. You can sit anywhere and have a fab experience. If you have kids who want to be up front in the splash zone, then go for it, but if your kids are a bit more timid and prefer to watch a little removed from the action, there are plenty of seats for that too. I have a family that dreads audience participation, or rather enjoys it so long as it does not involve them. The Blue Man Group are experienced in audience participation and know how to read the room exceptionally well.

What is Blue Man Group exactly? It is part theatre, part music, part social commentary, party comedy, part improv, and fully an experience everyone needs to have at least once in their lives. Each time I see the show, I notice something new, not only because things are new, but also because there is just enough going on that each time you see it, you might focus on a different Blue Man or the music or the visuals.

We sat up front this time, and I brought a friend’s daughter who cried tears of joy when she heard we were going to see Blue Man Group because she has wanted to see the show for so many years. Behind us, sat a young child maybe 5 or 6, with her mother whose giggle throughout kept me entertained. My friend who also had not seen the show, was overwhelmed with how creative and funny the whole spectacle was. You really do feel like a child again.

We cannot wait to transport audiences with new music and new visuals through our partnership with renowned creative agency Pretty Damn Sweet and an all-new show finale debuting on October 5 that will certainly leave crowds on their feet.

-Managing Director, Jack Kenn.

The new music made me realize that at its core Blue Man Group is a percussion performance in addition to everything else. I love that you can see the band suspended above the stage and just get into the music for a while if you like. Blue Man Group is for ages 5 and up and children under 5 are not permitted in the theatre. Tickets for Blue Man Group start at $49 and can be purchased here. Right now you can also take advantage of the Blue Man Group Black Friday sale which offers 50% off tickets and is available now through November 28th.

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