I Died Hard this Winter:  Yippee Ki Yay

I Died Hard this Winter: Yippee Ki Yay

If you do not know about the debate you are definitely living under a couple of rocks. Whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie is the question the world asks every December. This year, just after Christmas at the Huntington Theater, Boston was treated to what everyone needs right after the holidays: a good laugh, some truly talented artistry, writing, and performance art. Although, I was familiar with the debate, I had never seen the movie. In preparation for the show, I watched Die Hard, and was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining I found it. They just don’t make movies like they used to. Okay they do, but there is also a whole bunch of gratuitously violent junk that has no other redeeming values. Yippee Ki Yay was brilliantly written and acted. I hope it comes back again for more people to see because Die Hard fans will adore the show. Everyone else who has seen the movie, but might not call themselves fans, will love Die Hard just a little more with this two layer version part parody part love story.

Darrel Bailey; photo by Rod Penn

Yippee Ki Yay is written by Richard Marsh and described as an epic comic poem, and the comedy is there but so is a tenderness in the love story layer. Yippee Ki Yay has some of the best stage fighting I have seen never mind that it is between a man and stuffed bear presumably choreographed and staged by the clearly very talented Emma Webb. Marsh has had shows commissioned for Radio 4 and won best scripted comedy in the BBC Audio Drama Awards. Performing Yippee Ki Yay is, Darrel Bailey who made you completely forget that he’s the only actor in the show.

Darrel Bailey; Photo by Steve Ullathorne

Yippee Ki Yay at The Huntington had an audience, made up of mostly Die Hard fans and a few who had never seen the movie at all. One audience member, unfamiliar with the movie, left the theater a little lost and confused. I feel like the parody could be enjoyed having not seen the film, but you’d miss a lot without knowing the movie at all. I wouldn’t call myself a die hard Die Hard fan, given that I watched the movie just before seeing Yippee Ki Yay, but I enjoyed both the movie and the poetic parody of it immensely.

Darrel Bailey; Photo by Steve Ullathorne

Yippee Ki Yay was only in Boston for a brief time, but I hope it makes its way back again soon, because there are many more Die Hard fans who need the Yippee Ki Yay experience. If you want to catch a performance you will have to head way out of town and track the show down at the Adelaide Fringe Festival . Don’t miss out on other fab shows coming up from the Huntington. There are many options for staying up to date. Follow The Huntington on social media, subscribe to the emails, buy a flex pass, or buy season tickets.

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