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Amplifying Black Voices: Black Lives Matter

Every person is at a different place with the fight to dismantle racist systems that are the foundation of our country and city.  Wherever you are in the fight, I hope to help address your needs by sharing resources not just for systemic change, education, and support but for every day life.  Until we clear space and raise up the voices of those we have blocked out and held down for so many generations, we as a community/society/humanity are incomplete.


How have I personally made changes?

NB:  Amplifying Black voices doesn’t mean focusing on the fight 24/7.  It means shopping Black businesses, consuming Black written and produced tv, movies, and books.  It also means enjoying Black art, music, and dance.  HOWEVER, this is a long fight and we need to be in it for the long haul.  Keep up the pressure.

Is there more I can do?

Obviously there is so much more I can do.  I can do better. I can do more.

If I have overlooked something or someone let me know in the comments.  I follow up with everything.


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