Recipes gather here.  I do my best to keep this list up to date, but you can also peruse the recipe posts below.




My “Go-To” Recipes

Using up Leftovers

Butterscotch Pudding (2nd try 1 I need to find the 1st recipe (this one I should have strained too.)

Marinade for Fish: Recipe

My favourite marinade for fish. We use it primarily for swordfish which is my husband and kids’ favourite kind of fish. We serve it grilled but you can also pan fry it.

Super Bowl Party: Chicken Stuffed Avocado 

​​These chicken stuffed avocados are a quick and easy way to keep the party going without missing any of the game.  Make a tray of them for a crowd or a plate for two. Chicken Salad Stuffed Avocados with Hot Sauce (serves 2) Ingredients  Prepared chicken salad, 2 scoops, about …

Screaming Labor Day Ice Cream Cake Recipe (Sponsored)

We’re screaming because it is a party and every party needs a little noise.  We’re screaming because summer is coming to an end.  We’re screaming for ice cream and we’ll continue enjoying it year-round to remember all those great summer days. This is the perfect dessert for your Labor Day …

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Recipe Mashup

I never remember how I make a recipe anymore.  I’m definitely becoming my mother in a round about sort of way.  I am usually a recipe follower, and technically I still am, whereas my mother is an amazing improvizational cook.  In any case, for my pies I mix recipes because …

CSA Greens: A Vietnamese Style Noodle Salad Recipe

We pick up our Lindentree Farm share on Tuesdays, which means that Mondays I take inventory in the fridge.  The goal is to have most of the fresh vegetables (the lettuces, the greens, the herbs, the bok choy etc.) used up before we pick up the next week’s share.  This …

The Perfect Quick Spring Breakfast Sandwich

   Ingredients an English muffin (I used Stone and Skillet) tangy, funky or sharp creamy cheese (goat cheese, Camembert, brie, whatever you feel like) a hard boiled egg (we make a 1/2 dozen or so every week to keep in the fridge using this perfect J. Kenji Alt method) pea …