Falling Back:  Adjusting to the Time Change

Falling Back: Adjusting to the Time Change

As the parent of young children there are many ways to cope with the time change.  You can plan ahead and slowly adjust your family’s schedule by 15 minutes a day for several days.  You can try to function on “old time” for a little while and slowly adjust after the fact (because forethought is a luxury now that life’s pace has changed).  Or, you can stumble through life blurry-eyed wondering what the @$#% happened.  Hopefully we won’t be feeling that way for other reasons after watching the news tonight.

By default I’ve been doing the latter and I think that I found a way to enjoy it to the fullest today.  My plan today, was to get chores done around the house and buy something already prepared for dinner such as Russo’s eggplant parmesan or a smorgasbord from Whole Foods.  My husband asked for a low maintenance dinner (since he’s on dishes duty 99.9% of the time) because he wants to finish staining the deck before the rain and cold weather fall upon us.

I dropped the kids off at their destinations and then headed to Sofra for the coffee and fabulous breakfast that I believe I deserved for surviving the effect of my children affected by the time change.  On the way to breakfast I couldn’t help but notice what a fabulous fall day it was, as I was stuck in “voting” traffic.  For once, I appreciated traffic as it was for a good cause.  I decided that I should go for a walk to enjoy the day and enjoy my breakfast sans too much guilt.  I thought about the reservoir, but then I passed the Mount Auburn cemetery and decided today would be a beautiful day to explore the cemetery.  After two and half hours or so exploring the magical, ethereal leaf-swept cemetery with a newly transplanted Cantabrigian, it was time to get my daughter from school.  I had just enough time to stop by Iggy’s bakery for a slice of warm olive pizza for my lunch and to purchase a slice of plain pizza for my daughter’s snack.  Then I carefully carted my over-tired and cranky child from school to the couch for a little quiet time.

Before getting my son, we walked over to the library to return some books and picked up some lentil and sausage soup, and some carrot, potato, leek, soup from Hi Rise and we’ll call that dinner.

I made Annie’s mac ‘n cheese for the kids but other than that mommy chef was off duty and enjoying it.

Bon appetit.  ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

For more info:
Mount Auburn Cemetery
Annie’s mac ‘n cheese
Iggy’s Bread
Hi Rise Bakery: 208 Concord Ave Cambridge
(617) 876-8766

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